Border Policeman hurt in terror attack recounts incident

The Border Policeman returned to the scene of the incident: "I felt a blow to my shoulder, I turned around and pushed the terrorist away from me."

Injured Israeli security personnel recounts yesterday's stabbing attack
A Border Policeman, referred to only as "D" by official reports, who was injured in one of two stabbing attacks which occurred Saturday at a West Bank checkpoint, returned to the scene and recounted what happened during the attack on Sunday.
"I felt a blow to my shoulder I turned around and pushed the terrorist away from me. Even before I reached for my weapon, the soldier next to me shot and neutralized the terrorist on the spot. It was important for me to return to the company and friends as quickly as possible."
Staff fighters reenacted the scene to the Border Police commander, Maj. Gen. Amos Jacob, and Samaria Police District Commander, Brig. Gen. Uzi Levy , detailing the moments of the attack,  in which a Palestinian man stabbed and lightly wounded the Border Police officer, who was at a checkpoint at a junction near Nablus in the direction of the Palestinian village of Huwara.
The border policeman, "B", who shot the terrorist, told officers about the details of the incident: "Suddenly, a Palestinian began to stab one of the soldiers I was with from the team. In a split second, we realized that this was in fact a terrorist attack and we needed to act quickly. I gave the order to shoot the terrorist in order to neutralize him."
"Incidents like these only take a few seconds, so there is no time to hesitate. We needed to exercise discretion and act with accuracy and immediacy. Luckily, the terrorist was neutralized before he was able to achieve his aim."
On his quick return to his post, Officer "D" said: "It was important for me to come back to the platoon and its members as soon as possible. We were prepared for an incident of this kind. I have no doubt our readiness is the reason that I only suffered light injuries, and we were able to quickly neutralize the terrorist, without harming innocent civilians. "
Border Police commander, Maj. Gen. Amos Jacob, praised the actions of the soldiers and their quick reactions and determination, saying: "They reacted with vigilance and professionalism, just as they are expected to. Their quick and firm response prevented anything worse from happening. These actions prove time after time that Israel can trust its policemen who are protecting its borders."
Earlier on Saturday, a soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian man at a checkpoint on Route 443 near Beit Horon.
The attacker, who was waiting in line at the checkpoint, reportedly asked the soldier for a cup of water, and when the soldier turned, he stabbed him in the upper body, lightly wounding him.
The stabber, named as Mahmoud Nasim Yousef Gumhouriyya of Beit Annan near Ramallah, was shot and lightly wounded by soldiers and taken into custody.