Prominent Israeli-Arab indicted for terror incitement

Abaria is member of High Follow-Up Committee

A Palestinian flag is waved at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City (photo credit: MUAMMAR AWAD/REUTERS)
A Palestinian flag is waved at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City
(photo credit: MUAMMAR AWAD/REUTERS)
The Haifa District Attorney’s Office indicted prominent Arab-Israeli Raja Muhammad Agbaria on Thursday for incitement to terrorism and identification with terrorist organizations. Agbaria used to be the secretary general and a leader of the Sons of the Village group, and is a member of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel.
Agbaria, 66, is a resident of the city Umm al-Fahm in the Triangle.
According to the indictment filed by Moshe Eyal, Agbaria published several Arabic-language Facebook posts between July 2017 and July 2018 in which he identified with terrorist organizations and called for incitement and support for terror.
The indictment notes the following.
In one of Agbaria’s Facebook posts, following a terrorist attack on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount compound in which two Border Policemen were killed and another policeman was wounded by terrorist from Umm al-Fahm, he wrote:
“Does the al-Aqsa attack mark a new stage (for Israeli Arabs) within the 1948!? Jerusalem preceded the al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the first friction and conflict area (and focus) of the shahids (martyrs) who chose to defend the mosque of the Arabs and Islam who are immersed in the blood that the imperialists and Israel have drawn. The compass of the resistance was and remains Jerusalem.
Umm al-Fahm will accompany its shahids on their last journey, with the greatest pride. To a new future... and to the gardens of eternity (will reach) the shahids. The names of the shahids according to identity cards, as published in the media are: Muhammad Hamed Jabarin, 19. Muhammad Ahmad Jabarin, 39. Muhammad Jabarin, 19. All members of one family.”
Along with this post, Agbaria published videos of the attack.
In other comments he wrote on the post, he supported the Palestinians intifadas and violence. “Murder is not one-sided... This is our homeland and it’s our duty to defend it,” he wrote.
The indictment also mentions Facebook posts he made that indicate he identifies with both the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Hezbollah, and members of those organizations.
For instance, he posted a picture of people waving the PLFP flag alongside the organization’s anthem. He also published a post honoring the memory of Basil al-Araj, a well known activist against Israel’s military rule. According to Israeli security officials, Araj headed a terrorist cell and planned terrorist attacks; Israeli security forces killed him last year during a gunfight.
The Israel Police released a statement that the indictment against Agbaria came following a covert investigation conducted on social media networks. “The Israel Police continues to operate constantly against suspects who seek to harm the normative and law-abiding public,” it said.
The Haifa District Attorney’s Office asked the court to order Agbaria’s detention until the end of the proceedings against him.