American fare with Tel Aviv flair

The Dixie grill bar features seasonal American dining with an exceptional menu and extensive wine list.

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steak 88
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Opened in 1993 and going from strength to strength, the Dixie grill bar features seasonal American dining with an exceptional menu and extensive wine list. With its avoidance of shortcuts and attention to detail, the popular spot is not content to rest on its laurels. The casual elegance of Dixie is reflected in the modern simplicity of its main dining room. This unusual atmospheric oasis of understated luxury is perfect for intimate dining. "People aren't coming to restaurants primarily for the food," observes owner Irit Shenkar. "I tried to create a place with a cozy ambiance where diners can relax, tuck a napkin into their collar, raise a glass, and quite simply feast." The menu at Dixie is both contemporary and ever changing, leaning toward a robust American style with some innovative combinations - and the quality of its meat dishes serves as a benchmark for other local restaurants. Executive Chef Amir Ilan has created a menu which fuses the many different elements of American cuisine and sticks to the unpretentious. The skillfully cooked dishes are based on the availability of fresh produce, highlighting flavors and aromas. The menu changes every three months in accordance with the season, so Dixie's many regulars are ensured an ever-fresh culinary experience. What more can be said about a place that has long been popular with customers and critics alike? Simply this: I could eat there for a month and not get bored. The restaurant is open 24 hours, and four menus are presented daily. You can start with the signature Dixie deviled chicken wings (eight pieces, NIS 26). You'll be glad you did. The moist chicken is marinated in sweet chili sauce and cooked to perfection. You won't go wrong with "V" Caesar salad with polenta croutons (NIS 36), a unique and tangy appetizer. Tiradito pounded tuna with ginger and lime sauce (NIS 41) is a fine choice as well. For a main course, try the Beefburger 0% - a nonfat burger with a choice of reduced calorie toppings such as Swiss cheese or light chipotle mayonnaise (NIS 66). This superb juicy burger is served with classic fresh vegetables in a special roll made of whole wheat, oat meal and flax seeds. Another excellent option is fajitas entrecote slices with wheat tortilla and avocado, red onion, chili, chipotle mayonnaise, coriander and tomato salad (NIS 58). The amazing desserts on offer - such as an extensive chocolate fingers selection of bittersweet, almond, hazelnut and coffee or chocolate souffl cake served with whipped cream (NIS 28) made me wonder if my next meal shouldn't begin with dessert. Dixie Grill-Bar, Beit California, 120 Yigal Allon Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: (03) 696-6123.