12 choreographers, 4 days, 2 colors

The Tmuna Theater: It's industrial, hip and makes a point of presenting cutting edge music, theater and dance.

dance 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
dance 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Ever since I started writing about dance in Israel, I've wanted to write about Tmuna Theater, one of the cooler dance venues in Tel Aviv. Located in the city's southern region, it's the kind of place where you feel awesome just by walking in the door. It's industrial, hip and makes a point of presenting cutting edge music, theater and dance. And now there's the perfect event to preview - the Intimadance Festival, which returns to the stage this weekend and is one of Tmuna's most successful initiatives. As the name implies, Intimadance presents short and intimate works. Just like New York City, where bars like Sin-e and CBGB host rock and roll legends before they make it big, Tmuna hosts some of Israel's most influential choreographic voices still in their experimental stages. In the twelve years since its inception the festival has hosted Renana Raz, Shlomit Fundaminsky, Irad Mazliach, Neta Yerushalmi and others. The festival, which always takes place over a long weekend, rests upon three principles: freedom to create, personal statement and expansion of boundaries. In the past, works presented have been multi-disciplinary, incorporating video and visual art. And, as always, festival goers should expect to be presented with new and refreshing views regarding movement, composition and dance. In order to ensure originality of content, artistic directors Navah Tzukerman and Ariel Ephraim Eshbal handpick festival participants and supply them with a starting point. Consequently, all the works shown are premiers. This year the inspiration was two colors, green and pink. The group of chosen choreographers was asked to individually select one of the colors and embark on a creative process based on how that color spoke to them. The end result is two dramatically different programs. The simple choice between two everyday colors has produced an array of funny, surprising and touching pieces. Among those drawn to the pink crayon are Shlomi Bitton, Noa Shadur and Sharon Tzukerman. Team Green includes Maya Weinberg, Smadar Yaron, Inbal Shahar and others. All the choreographers have already made names for themselves in Israel or abroad. These artists, who were chosen because of their maturity, experience and eloquence, were challenged to use the task at hand to comment on the world around them. They have, each in their own way, found the means by which to express themselves to their audience through the language of color. Starting the festival off on the right foot will be a one-time performance of Brazilian choreographer Christian Duarte's work Medelei. Following his performance will be a dance party in Tmuna's bar space where audience members can take their inspiration and turn it into groovy moves. Special guest Botanika Soundsystem, who'll perform a live set, will be sure to keep the crowd on their toes and, as they say, "get the party started." If you are looking for a little color next weekend, head over to Tmuna for Intimadance. Thursday June 26, 8 PM- Pink Program, Friday June 27, 1 PM and 9 PM- Green Program, Saturday June 28, 6 PM and 8PM- Pink Program, Sunday June 29, 8 PM- Green Program. Tmuna Theater, Shonzino St. 8 Tel Aviv, 03-562-9462, www.tmu-na.org.il. Tickets 65 NIS