Agam takes Taiwan

The famous Israeli sculptor is creating a monumental entranceway for the 2009 World Games.

agam 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
agam 88 248
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Working in Taiwan, renowned Israeli artist Yaacov Agam recently completed construction on his newest sculpture, Beyond the Visible: a multidimensional environment. It was built for the 2009 World Games, which will take place in Kaohsiung in July. The sculpture, which was placed directly in front of the entrance to Kaohsiung's stadium, is another of Agam's famous explorations of how art can be made to take place in time, rather than outside of it. But unlike much of his past work, including the landmark Dizengoff Fountain sculpture, some 300,000 visitors to the stadium will be able to explore the kinetic art by walking directly through it. Agam, who arrived in Taiwan two months ago, was awarded a bid by the Taiwanese authorities to create the 12-meter work in honor of the coming sporting event. But he suspected that many were taken by surprise by the result. "They are very excited, but they weren't expecting it. This work is a strong new concept, very different from Taiwanese art," Agam told The Jerusalem Post. "It is designed to give the expression of time, an Israeli and Jewish conception of time." Agam said the reception from the Taiwanese people had been overwhelmingly positive, and that visitors were taken with the sculpture's interactive aspect. "I make people go inside of the work of art. With every step, they find something new." Advocate Ari Syrquin, who represents Agam, added that for an Israeli artist, especially at this time, to be granted the honor of building a monument for such an important event was unique and special.