Top 5: Kosher sushi spots in Jerusalem

Jerusalem may not have the plethora of Sushi that Tel Aviv has, but there are really great kosher sushi options.

kosher sushi  370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
kosher sushi 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Sushi Rehavia
The most popular sushi chain in Jerusalem, Sushi Rehaviaha has four branches; the main branch in Rehavia, one on Rabbi Akiva Street in town, a branch on EmekRefaim Street and one on Hapalmach Street that focuses on deliveries.
The restaurant offers great sushi with classics like avocado and salmon sushi, as well as more interesting fillings like tamago, shitake, asparagus and an array of fishes. The menu also featuresa range of tasty noodle dishes, soups and appetizers. When it comes to starters, the miso soup comes highly recommended, while the entree department boasts an array of tempting sushi platters.31 Aza Road, Rehavia(02) 566-7477Kosher Rabbinate
RYU Asian Kitchen
An upscale restaurant, RYU Asian Kitchens erves exceptional Asian cuisine in a beautifully decorated space on trendy Emek Refaim Street. In addition to a large sushi menu prepared by Asian chefs, RYU offers a host of healthy mouthwatering stir-fries, dim-sum, gluten-free options and Asian-inspired fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.
The restaurant offers authentic Asian sushi with surprising Mediterranean touches. The crowd is largely made up of tourists and Anglo-Saxons living in the German Colony area.25 Emek Refaim Street(02) 561-1344Kosher Mehadrin
Big in Tel Aviv, sushi chain Japanika made the move to Jerusalem in 2008 and the branch in downtown Jerusalem is the chain's first kosher branch. With its low lighting, trendy Asian-inspired décor, good music and extensive sushi menu, Japanika is a firm favorite with the young and cool crowd. The menu also includes a range of delicious starters, soups, entrees and drinks. 1 ShlomzionHamalka Street (02) 624-7530 Kosher Rabbinate
Nestled discreetly just off the pedestrianized part of Bezalel Street, Sushiya is a small sushi bar that offers fresh and tasty sushi prepared in front of you. The cozy and intimate atmosphere makes a great place for a relaxed evening out. The sushi menu may not be the biggest, but the restaurant does the standard variations well, such asnigiri, inside out rolls, maki and cones.
1 Trumpeldor Road(02) 625-9055Kosher Rabbinate
A "sushi bar and BBQ restaurant ", Bonsai near the entrance to MamillaAlrov Avenue offers fantastic sushi as well as dim sum, noodles, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is elegantly decorated with a Japanese flair, and even has a lovely outdoors section suitable for events. Bonsai offers sofa seating, big tables, and flat screens and the menu is viewable via a computer touch screen on each table. 26 Ben SiraStreet(077) 350-0379Kosher is a new online international travel portal offering all the latest information on things to do, places to eat and places to stay in Jerusalem.