What Community character are you?

School's back in session. Take this quiz to see where you fit into the study group.

Jeff Community  (photo credit: PR)
Jeff Community
(photo credit: PR)
The study group at Greendale Community College has been back at school since September 22nd. That’s right: Community premiered last September, so you are a little late.
So try and catch up by taking a quick test to see which character you are the most like!
1. Do you ever lie? A. As long as it helps me get what I want.B. Only to make myself look good.C. Never. As a matter of fact, I really hate liars!
2. If you were really smart, what would you do with that power? A. Find the easiest way, whether right or wrong, to get everything I desire.B. Make a lot of money.C. Save the world.
3. If you had a test tomorrow and knew nothing about the subject, what would you do?
A. Figure out a way to cheat.
B. Study. It keeps you sharp.
C. Become really mean and cold to people.
4. Are you good at small talk?
A. If you call being charming small talk, then I’m good at it.
B. I just say whatever comes to mind. Call it what you want.
C. I can’t stand small talk, and no, I’m not good at it.
5. Is getting a college degree important to you?
A. Only if you get caught lying about already having one.
B. I don’t really need a college degree, but the learning part is important to me.
C. Absolutely. It really gets you on the right path.
6. How would you describe your politics?
A. None. I can’t care less about that stuff.
B. I am sick and tired of the government sticking its hands in my pocket.
C. I think everyone should be free and able to do whatever they want.

Check yourself.
 If you answered “A” to most questions, then you’re Jeff Winger. You are charming and smart.
If you answered “B” to most questions, then you’re Pierce Hawthorne. You are an old millionaire attending college to keep your mind sharp.
If you answered “C” to most questions, then you’re Britta Perry. You like honesty and have strong morals.