Bolshoi soloist dances 'Onegin' in Israel

Bolshoi soloist dances

Bolshoi Ballet soloist Artem Shpilevsky dances the titular role while colleague Natalia Toriashvili performs that of Tatiana in the Israel Ballet production of Onegin which plays at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center November 19-21. Choreographed by John Cranko and set to music by Tchaikovsky for his opera of the same name, Onegin is based on Pushkin's great epic poem that tells the tragic tale of Onegin,a proud young man whose idle selfishness leads him at first to reject Tatiana's love and then then to a fatal duel with his best friend. Years later Tatiana has become a great lady, and now she rejects him. Onegin, now remorseful, is alone.Â