Dining: Northern nirvana

Dining Northern nirvana

had ness pool 248.88 (photo credit: )
had ness pool 248.88
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W hile living in South Africa a few years back, I was going out with a girl who was studying to be a health beautician. As a result, she would drag me to many health spas, some of which were really impressive, while others were not. However none of those places compares to the warm hospitality and personal treatment, my partner and I received while visiting Cnaan Village Spa. Located in the quaint community village of Had Nes, the spa is owned by Avi and Anat Cnaan, a couple who has been living in the area for over 20 years. "Our spa has one goal in mind: Vacation, vacation, vacation," says Anat. "There's no rush here, no running after the clock. This is a place for pampering. To make people feel good." Running a family zimmer (guesthouse) business for 12 years, the couple decided that a change was needed and those zimmers that once catered to large families were converted into five luxury suites. "Our approach and belief has always been that the place has to be one of the best," Anat explained, "and we must maintain it that way over time. Something special." That certainly applied to our suite, which we test-flew for one delightful evening. One look and we weren't sure we were ever going to bother with the pool or the other amenities. From the wood floor to the wide bed, panoramic view of the Kinneret and big-screen TV and DVD, this was a sanctuary we could call home. After getting acquainted with our surroundings, the two of us were anxiously anticipating the Jacuzzi, sauna and massage. After settling in to our room, we donned the provided bathrobes and slippers to head back down to the lair of magic fingers. On offer are a wide range of massages including watsu whereby the person treated floats in water. The spa features three private treatment rooms, one of which has two beds side by side specifically designed for couples. After an hour massage by two lovely masseuses, we felt totally invigorated and refreshed. The Cnaan Spa has its niche as most other spas are overwhelmingly big and 'full of kids.' Most of the couples that come here are looking for some quiet time and are either celebrating a birthday or anniversary. "This isn't a health farm. We give you the choice to be pampered. Our concept is one of a unique, long experience which focuses on body and soul," explained Anat. "We don't want people just coming for a massage and leaving; we want people to have an experience that affects their entire day, their entire week, their lives," she added. All of the rates include breakfast and lunch. While officially not full board, there is actually too much food to eat, especially for a spa. The spread included salads, breads, eggs, yogurts and juices. Breakfast was served from 7:30 till 11 a.m. so there was no pressure about missing a meal. Fresh fruit and homemade cakes are made available throughout the day for guests to snack on as well as tea and coffee. Overall the Cnaan Spa has simple but tasteful appeal. It caters to people with an appreciation for the finer things in life and its prices reflect its target audience. It is the perfect place to relax, indulge and rejuvenate. For more information including rates, visit www.cnaan-village.co.il. The writer stayed at Cnaan Spa as a guest of the management.