A cinematic dialogue

If you've had enough of talking, shouting and/or shooting, then sit back and see what someone else has to say in a celluloid look at our conflict.

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cinematic dialogue
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In the "bubble" of Tel Aviv, it is often easy to forget the reality of the ongoing conflict plaguing the region. Bringing political films and documentaries and the voices behind them to central Tel Aviv, Windows - Channels for Communication (a local non-profit organization) is opening up their office for a series of Monday evening movie screenings. The upcoming schedule is as follows: February 2, Testimonies from Soldiers - Produced by Breaking the Silence, an organization of veteran IDF soldiers who served during the Second Intifada, this documentary aims to voice the experiences of those soldiers who discover a gap between the reality they encountered in the army and the silence they encounter at home. Ilan Fathi, from Breaking the Silence, will accompany the film with a lecture and discussion. February 16, Strawberry FieldsMarch 3, Sunday - This film looks at the events that took place in Derry, Northern Ireland on January 30, 1927, which have become known as "Bloody Sunday." Prior to the screening, Dimi Reider will give a brief introductory lecture to the Northern Irish conflict. All screenings take place at the Windows' office (29 Lilienblum St., Tel Aviv, (03) 620-8324) at 7 p.m. Coffee and cake are served. Movies have English subtitles, though discussions take place in Hebrew. Recommended donation of NIS 20.