Bill Bored - TV Lustings

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boorlitz spoof ad 298
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FUNDAY CHANNEL 1 TOO MANY 18:55 Do You Have a Clue? A reality show that explores the complexities of TV viewing. Participants are challenged to figure out which programs they can actually access with their Cable packages and on what channel number to find them. STARK WORLD 10:00 Everybody Loves to Hate Raymond Sitcom. This week, Raymond does something totally inane, and his whole family gangs up and criticizes him for it. This week and every week. 11:00 Monk Crime. In addition to all his other phobias and mishugas, intrepid detective Aspirin Monk has an identity crisis when the suspects in a murder case are a Trappist monk, a Franciscan monk, a Benedictine monk, Thelonius Monk, a Rhesus monkey and a chipmunk. But the real crisis occurs when the germophobic Monk runs out of Handi-Wipes. 20:00 Koffee with Karan Kindred komrades from Karachi and Kashmir konverse with the kongenial kino-director. 21:15 What Not to Wear Local. The cameras just keep rolling on the street, in offices, and at weddings and bar-mitzvas. The footage speaks for itself. ANXIETY 08:00 The Eh Team Local drama. An inveterate band of Canadian olim fight to set the record straight in their ongoing battle to assert that they are not American. In this episode, Mr. Tea, Face-Off, Mad-Duck and the Captain set out for the Metulla skating rink to demonstrate their natural-born hockey skills. 15:20 Zina, Jewish Princess Action. Dressed in a bustier and armed to the teeth, Zina decimates every man who crosses her path as she strives to bring peace and harmony to the world. This week, Zina, Jokester and Gabbyelle join forces with the powerful 16:55 Totally Outrageous Behavior Local. Ongoing live feed from the Knesset. 20:45 Alias (aka Alias) Spy vs spy action. This week, wouldbe double agent SendMe Presto discovers that she is actually the 14thcentury inventive genius Mellow Rumball Di and that she had been having a prophetic dream for the past five seasons. 22:50 First wave Local. A group of new olim are made to feel like aliens from another planet. The series chronicles each subsequent aliya wave, who are made to feel the same way - especially by those from the first wave. * All times are not even close to accurate