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Model and entertainer Yael Bar Zohar, 25, and actor Guy Zuaretz, 32, finally made it official.

Model and entertainer Yael Bar Zohar, 25, and actor Guy Zuaretz, 32, who has been her significant other for the past two and a half years since their stage romance in the musical Mary Lou blossomed into a real life love affair, finally made it offficial on Thursday when they exchanged promises under a bridal canopy on a moshav in the Western Galilee. It was a small, initimate affair by celebrity standards with a guest list of less than 200 people, all of whom had to pass a strict security inspection before being admitted to the festivities. Guests included former beau Yehuda Levy, with whom Bar Zohar stars in sizzling commercials for Fox and a more recent former beau Guy Sassover, whose wedding Bar Zohar attended and who remains a close friend. Both the bride and the groom wore white, though the groom was more modestly attired. Bar Zohar wore a bra top over a skirt - not exactly bridal attire - but these days even brides let it all hang out. The newlyweds would like to start a family as soon as possible and have already picked out names for their future children. It is unlikely that marriage will interfere with their acting or modelling careers. Israeli supermodel Galit Gutman has successfully combined being a wife and mother with her modelling and acting careers, and Anastasia Michaeli, the stunning presenter on the Russian language television channel, combines her television career with modelling, even though she has six children. MUSIC FESTIVALS during Succot have associations with the holiday itself, as for instance the Dead Sea Date Festival taking place for the sixth time and opening on October 18. The festival will be launched at Nahal Zohar by Yehuda Poliker. Among the other artists who are scheduled to perform are Eviatar Banai and Ehud Banai, Arkadi Duchin and Idan Reichel. Artists participating in a sunrise performance on Masada include Aviv Gefen and David Broza. THEY'VE PERFORMED together on stage and screen and they're good friends in private life. Now actresses Tikki Dayan and Keren Mor are getting together again for their fifth stage production "Night, Mother," Marsha Norman's Pulitzer Prize winning play that she wrote in 1983. The play won several other awards and four Tony Award nominations. The play centers on an emotionally wrenching night in the lives of a mother and daughter. Born in 1947 to a fundamentalist Methodist family Norman had a lonely childhood in Louisville, Kentucky. Her mother would not allow her to play with other children. Nor would she allow her to watch television or movies. But she did permit her to watch children's theater. Norman's other diversions were reading and playing the piano. The solitary environment prompted Norman to become a writer, not just a writer coping with solitude, but an award winning playwright and novelist whose works have been translated into many languages.