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Worldwide fame and platinum discs notwithstanding, it's not every day that singer David D'Or is embraced by President Shimon Peres.

shimon peres 298.88 (photo credit: AP [file])
shimon peres 298.88
(photo credit: AP [file])
  • WORLDWIDE FAME and platinum discs notwithstanding, it's not every day that singer David D'Or is embraced by President Shimon Peres. And famous though he is, D'Or was visibly moved to have the opportunity to sing not only in front of Peres, who has heard him on previous, less intimate occasions, but also in front of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and his entourage at the state dinner hosted by Peres in Napolitano's honor. D'Or was an appropriate choice of performers not only because of his talent, but also because he has an Italian background. His father came from Italy to Israel and D'Or still has many relatives in the old country. After his performance, D'Or was led by Yona Bartal, deputy director-general at Beit Hanassi, to meet the two presidents. Peres opened his arms wide and embraced D'Or while Napolitano enthusiastically shook his hand and plied him with compliments.
  • SEVERAL HIGH-profile broadcasters who quit Radio 99 when they failed to receive their salaries may return now that the station is no longer owned by Arkadi Gaydamak. One of the big names who has sued Gaydamak for non-payment of salary is the controversial Emmanuel Rosen, who has returned to Radio 99 with the change of ownership. Under the new arrangement, Rosen may be heard more often than in his previous position.
  • SEEING AND being seen is essential to being a celebrity - especially a budding celebrity. Even when they pretend to be annoyed with the paparazzi, the truth is that celebs are devastated when the paparazzi ignore them - proof of which is in the fact that so many photographs are posed rather than candid. But it's not just for the paparazzi that the celebs show up to publicity events in droves. It's also for the freebies - the meals and the merchandise. Among the more recent events of this kind was Plusit's launch of the new season's fashion accessories - bags, boots, etc. - in Tel Aviv's trendy and very expensive Kikar Hamedina. All the celebs went home with Cavalli handbags given to them in appreciation for their attendance. Among the big names at Plusit were singing sisters Daniella and Sharona Pik, actress and model Vika Finkelstein, model Jenny Chervoney (with a change of hair color), actress Lucy Davidovich, stage and TV star Hani Nahmias (who was pleased as punch to have won a seat on the Givatayim City Council in the recent municipal elections), actress Avital Dicker, TV hostess and model Sigal Shachmon, international model Shiraz Tal, TV personality Einat Erlich and many others, including some half-dozen pseudo-celebs from reality shows.
  • IT'S GOOD to have friends in the right places. Orna Datz is being endlessly interviewed about her solo album - and it's not just because she's got a good PR company pressing the buttons of persuasion. Datz doesn't put on airs and graces, but calls herself a working mother - and hopes the album will raise her income.