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After a separation of more than a year, singer David Broza and his wife Ruti are no longer officially married.

David Broza 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy )
David Broza 88 248
(photo credit: Courtesy )
  • NOW IT'S definitely over. After a separation of more than a year, singer David Broza and his wife Ruti are no longer officially married.
  • IT MAY be just as well that cosmetics queen Pnina Rosenblum is not destined to be a professional politician. Before the Likud primaries, Rosenblum, who had one of the shortest terms of service in the Knesset on record, was cold-shouldered at a Likud rally and prevented from taking her place on the dais to sing the national anthem with all the other candidates running for the Knesset. Her complaints fell on deaf ears. So, apparently, did her campaigning, because she failed to get a realistic spot on the list.
  • SUPERMODEL ADI Neuman, who features in the Signal catalog, has a very tenacious admirer who showed up at one of the Signal stores and asked for 100 copies of the catalog. When the sales attendant asked her why she needed so many, she replied: "I'm Adi Neuman's grandmother and I have to distribute them."
  • FIRST PRIZE winners in the Or Yarok Media Awards were Reshet's Avri Gilad and Hila Korach, who decided not to keep the NIS 10,000 they received. Instead, they opted to donate the money to Kavim Vemahshevot, an organization that promotes awareness of attention deficit disorders. Gilad said that he and Korach didn't really deserve the prize because even though they do talk about road safety on their program, they don't talk about it enough. The reason they had decided to donate the prize money to Kavim Vemahshevot, he said, was because ADD is directly related to road safety: People who cannot control their attention span are hazards to themselves and to others. This is the fifth year in which electronic and print media journalists were publicly recognized for their contribution to promoting road safety.
  • TO MANY Israelis, the name Leonid Belman may not mean much - but it is an important name to regular viewers of Channel 9, the Russian language channel controlled by Lev Leviev through Africa Israel. Belman is the CEO at Channel 9, which celebrated its sixth anniversary by inviting some 800 major television, advertising and PR executives to join the stars of Channel 9 at the Gesher Theater to watch a production of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Enemies, A Love Story, starring Sasha Demidov and Natasha Manor. A pre-performance reception was hosted by Nadav Greenspan, the deputy chairman of the Africa Israel group.
  • ISRAEL RECEIVED a non-political boost earlier this month when PBS, the American public television network, broadcast the gala Dudu Fisher concert that was filmed during the summer at the Beit She'an National Park. Over the next 12 months, Fisher's performance will be broadcast on 250 local channels throughout the United States, with more than 100 million viewers expected to see it. Media personalities, Jewish community leaders, well known figures from the world of entertainment and famous sex therapist Ruth Westheimer participated in the premiere launch of the broadcast in Florida. The event was also attended by Fisher and his wife Tova.
  • CELLCOM CEO Amos Shapira is becoming increasingly involved with the entertainment industry, and hardly a week goes by in which he is not holding a reception of some kind with - or for - Israel's leading singers. Among the most recent of such events was an intimate evening at Zappa in Tel Aviv for Cellcom's communications and business clients. There, Keren Peles surprised everyone by singing a song in Moroccan Arabic and Miri Mesika wowed the audience to such an extent that she was called back for three encores.