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Joining list of expectant celebrity parents in the entertainment industry baby boom are Yael Bar-Zohar and her husband Guy Zu-aretz.

yael bar zohar 88 298 (photo credit: )
yael bar zohar 88 298
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BEFORE LAUNCHING her new show on Channel Two last week, comedienne Adi Ashkenazi closed a circle and appeared in her regular spot once more on the Yair Lapid show. It was Lapid who really helped to launch her career by bringing her on week after week and laughing at all her wisecracks. In the interim, she got divorced, became more sophisticated, and had the latter image enhanced with promos featuring her alongside Ilana Dayan, an anchor for the more serious show, Fact. IT DIDN'T take long for Merav Miller, the relatively new anchor at Channel One, to achieve star status. Miller was asked to emcee the American style awards ceremony for ReMax Realty at Kfar Hamaccabiah. After ReMax general manager Bernard Raskin announced that the company has 79 branches in Israel and is planning to open more, comedian Israel Katorza brought the house down when he announced that his wife had told him that if he didn't find an apartment at the annual ReMax awards gala, he'd never find an apartment anywhere. THE TIMING may be coincidental, but it's definitely appropriate that international best-selling author Amos Oz is receiving an honorary doctorate during Hebrew Book Week. Oz will receive the doctorate today from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Another doctorate recipient is Michal Smoira-Cohen, who was one of the founders of The Voice of Music, and who for many years headed the Music Department at Israel Radio. JOINING THE list of expectant celebrity parents in the entertainment industry baby boom are Yael Bar-Zohar and her husband Guy Zu-aretz, who is more pleasant in real life than in the reruns of Our Song, where he plays the villainous Givon. EVENTS IN celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of famed Danish story teller Hans Christian Andersen concluded on Thursday night with a series of Andersen readings at Gan Eshkol in the presence of Danish Ambassador Carsten Damsgaard, HCA Ambassador in Israel Gila Almagor and representatives of Novonurdisk Pharmaceuticals, which contributed NIS 10,000 to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality for the purchase of Andersen books to be distributed to kindergartens. The 200th anniversary of one of the world's most beloved story tellers was celebrated through 2005 in Israel with theatrical productions, television shows and widespread readings. ACTOR AND former model Lior Miller who has gone into the record production business under the My Talent House label, is launching his first production - a record by his ex-brother-in-law Elial Abecassiss. Miller was married to the singer's sister, actress and model Yael Abecassiss, with whom he has a son - Maury. Since their divorce, Abecassiss met businessman and philanthropist Roni Douek while he was still married to the beautiful Evelyn Douek, the mother of his children. Abecassiss recently had a child by Douek.