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Former US vice president Al Gore is scheduled to come to Israel to boost sales of his book The Inconvenient Truth, which laid the foundations for his documentary film of the same name.

al gore 88 298 (photo credit: AP)
al gore 88 298
(photo credit: AP)
LESS THAN a month after 93.6 Ram FM broadcast "Live Earth," the global concert promoting environmental awareness, station manager Maysoun Odeh-Gangat attended a business meeting at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, where he bumped into Environment Minister Gideon Ezra. Odeh-Gengat invited Ezra to participate in one of the station's talk shows. Ezra promptly accepted the invitation and in an interview on the Midmorning Show told Israelis and Palestinians how they could work together to prevent global warming. WHILE ON the subject of global warming, former US vice president Al Gore, who is now making a career promoting global warming awareness and ecological threats in general, is scheduled to come to Israel in November to boost sales of his book The Inconvenient Truth, which laid the foundations for his documentary film of the same name. The Hebrew version is to be published by Ziblin Youth Communications. Gore, who is currently working on another ecology-based book, has meanwhile launched a contest in Israel for the best one-minute commercial on the quality of the environment. The prize for the winning entry will be wide-ranging exposure in the US and possibly beyond. Even though there is no monetary incentive, the advertising agency that wins the contest will have a significant entry card to the American environmental market. Gore also wants to persuade the education authorities here to place greater emphasis on environmental subjects in school curricula. SHE MAY have left her profession as a broadcast journalist to try to make a difference as a politician, but it seems that Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich gets more air time in her present capacity than when she hosted interview programs on radio and television. She is constantly interviewed by former colleagues on a huge gamut of subjects. A champion of the underprivileged, Yacimovich not only speaks out on their behalf, but proposes bills in the Knesset to improve their lot, participates in demonstrations and even files petitions in court. She has also been vocal and active in her campaign to try to prevent Rafi Ginat from becoming the CEO at the Channel 2 News Corporation. Together with fellow MKs Arye Eldad and Ran Cohen, she petitioned the High Court of Justice when Yitzhak Livni, chairman of the News Corporation, and attorney Rachel Ben-Ari, who were opposed to Ginat's appointment, were ousted from their positions. Because of the court case, Ginat's appointment remains in abeyance. Shalom Kital, the founding CEO, who resigned recently, has been replaced on an interim basis by Avi Weiss. Ginat is the choice of Muzi Wertheim and Udi Angel, the two major shareholders in the two Channel 2 franchisees Keshet and Reshet. Wertheim and Livni both attended Kital's farewell at the Ronit Farm, but stayed as far away from each other as possible. SOMEONE ELSE who is frequently on the air both in Israel and abroad is Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog, whose responsibilities were recently extended to include the financially strapped Israel Broadcasting Authority. Herzog certainly knows a thing or two about broadcasting, and has given his blessing to the proposed reforms of the IBA. However, Herzog has incurred the displeasure of many who support the legislation that calls for a gradual reduction of the television receiver licensing fee by saying that he wants the fee reinstated. He intends to raise the matter with the government. He's also not very popular with YES and HOT satellite and cable companies whose subscriber lists he wants in order to see who has not paid their license fee to the IBA. YES and HOT believe that this is an invasion of privacy, and so far are not cooperating. ALTERNATIVE MARRIAGE ceremonies are increasing in popularity in Israel among those who prefer to have a celebrity rather than a rabbi join them in wedlock. What many don't realize is that regardless of who performs the wedding, if things don't work out, there's no such thing as a purely civil divorce in Israel. All Jewish divorces have to go through the rabbinate. However, divorce is not usually what one thinks about at a wedding. When Channel 10 personality Linoi Bar-Gefen married Danny Engelberg in Jaffa last week, the couple chose television and radio personality Meirav Michaeli to do the honors. Another popular broadcaster who also does weddings is Avri Gilad.