Dance Review: Fresco Dance Group - Premiere

The new show by the Fresco Dance Group picks up momentum too late and utilizes cliched, derivative social comment.

modern ballet generic 88 (photo credit: )
modern ballet generic 88
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Fresco Dance Group Premiere Choreographer, Yoram Karmi Suzanne Dellal January 18 An alluring backdrop of flowered wallpaper in florescent red and black was glamorous and ominous at the same time. Minutes passed before one could detect a movement and realize that five dancers were glued to the set, camouflaged in clothes of the same pattern. This strong opening scene of "Nigzeret" (Derivative) by choreographer Yoram Karmi held a promise of new direction for the young creator. His previous works, such as "Bunker" and "Neshel", contained a narrative basis that outlined the movement. But "Nigzeret" deals with higher degree of abstraction - with issues of illusions and reality. Though most dancers were more than capable, only few managed to uplift the rather mundane dance vocabulary and insert their distinctive stamp. The second work of the evening, "Garinim" (Seeds), danced by a group of six, was similar in its artistic concept to Karmi's earlier works, where stage props play significant part in his theatrical approach. Back on familiar ground, Karmi constructed the work efficiently, used the space well and returned to dealing with human relations. Seated on long benches, the dancers nibbled sunflower seeds, and spit the shells on the floors - a true clich of local life. Though the dance contained the right tools for sharp social comment, as well as versatile dance lexicon with props, it took too long to pick up momentum.