Free yoga at TA Port to mark longest day of the year

To celebrate the longest day of the year on Monday free yoga offered at Tel Aviv Port.

sea yoga pretty 311 (photo credit: AP)
sea yoga pretty 311
(photo credit: AP)
To celebrate the longest day of the year on Monday, Tel Aviv Port is offering free yoga from 6 a.m. to sundown arranged by Ella Yoga with a group of teachers led by senior yoga teacher Shimon Ben.
“There is a special meaning behind this day,” said Rotem Ashkenazi, of the Liat Ariav PR firm.
Ashkenazi said the yoga group would be performing the sun salutation series 108 times that evening, explaining that the number is symbolic for the “the blessing of the sun” and numerous aspects of Hinduism.
“If you do it in this kind of repetition, your soul comes out of your body and you stop feeling the pain,” she said. “You’re just flying with it.”
Ella Shemer, owner of Ella Yoga and initiator of the event, said the mission of the evening was to expose more people to yoga and enable them to experience it as a for of physical and mental training. She described Ben as teaching not only the physical aspect of yoga, but also the philosophical and mental side.
“The aim of the yoga teacher is to start from the physical part, and go into the deep issues in your life,” she said.
The only items needed for the event are a yoga mat, water bottle, towel and an open curious mind. It will be held at the Alhiugah, Building 4, in the Tel Aviv Port.