Hanukka Billboard

IN JERUSALEM Hanukka Tour: The city surrounded by light Tour through Nahlaot, stories. Mon 26th , Tues 27th and Thurs 29th Call *3693 or 1-800-546666. Marathon of Israeli folk dances on Midrahov By the best dance groups, with folk dancing for all on the Ben Yehuda Midrahov. Mon 26th 5-8p.m. Light in Jerusalem: Most Beautiful Hanukiya Competition Residents of Jerusalem are invited to take part in the competition. Participants should design a beautiful and original Hannukiya and send a photo to the Jerusalem Municipality's Art department, 19 Jaffa Road or to the website www.jerusalem .muni.il Colorful fair in old train station Street performances, magicians jugglers, fire displays, game booths and creative workshops for children. Wed 28th, 10a.m.-2p.m. Youth host the IDF Young people will tour historical sites with soldiers. Ending with a main performance for the general public, with the participation of stars of 'Met Lihiot'. Ben Yehudah Midrahov. Thurs 29th 5p.m.-10p.m. Tour of hanukiyot Beit Ticho , Midrahov, various religious areas around Jerusalem. Society for Protection of Nature. Thurs 29th. (02) 625-2357 Light and fire on the midrahov Pyrotechnic display, fireworks, laser/ light shows, fire displays, drummers and street entertainers with guest artist Gaya. Ben Yehudah Midrahov, on the main stage in Zion Square. Sun Jan 1st 5.30p.m.-8.30p.m. Biggest Hanukka candle in the world Will be made from 5,000 candles (3.5 tons of wax) in eight colors, reaching a height of 7.5 meters. Featured at the Pisga Mall in Pisgat Ze'ev. Sun Jan 1st, candle Lighting 5p.m.-7p.m. TEL AVIV LEAP Party LEAP (Linking English and Professionalism) employment agency networking party. Music, DJ and dancing. All welcome. Balluci, 28 Hamered. Tue 27th 9pm, NIS 20 (03) 611-4530 HAIFA Bereshit Bezlilim A family musical which brings the stories of Genesis to life . Tue 27th Dec in Haifa (You can catch the production in Tel Aviv and Ra'anana in February) Tickets are available at agencies through out the country. MORE: Around Israel: Family festival treats >>