Israel plays Germany theater market

One of country’s most prestigious festivals for introducing new writers showcases Israel.

One of Germany’s most prestigious festivals for introducing new writers, this year’s Stückemarket (Play Market), from April 29 to May 9 in Heidelberg, showcases Israel.
The Bet Lessin production of Savyon Librecht’s The Banality ofLove opens the festival with a second performance thefollowing day. Banality will also by given atFreiburg. Both are celebrated university towns.Banality follows the close to 50 year romancebetween philosopher Martin Heidegger, sympathetic to Nazi ideology, andJewish thinker/author Hannah Arendt. Arendt studied at Heidelberg andat Freiburg, where Heidegger taught. All three performances are soldout.
There’ll be three additional shows, fruits of joint BeitLessin/Heidelberg projects, featuring Israeli and German directors andactors. They are They Call Me Yekke, Tel Aviv: CoverStory and Real Estate.
The Cameriis sending Yiftach Klein to perform In the Middle of the Day, a dramabased on the true story of a soldier taken prisoner by Egypt during the1973 Yom Kippur War, while from the Jerusalem Khan comes TheLittle People’s City.