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Battle of the binge.

Battle of the binge Sharon Osbourne, the 52-year-old wife of wild rocker Ozzy Osbourne admits she's been suffering from bulimia for the past 35 years and still battles with the eating disorder, which causes her to binge on food before making herself vomit. The mother-of-three revealed: "I'm still bulimic. It's bad. I stuff myself with food like ice cream or pasta and the rush to the toilet and make myself sick...Ozzy and the children know and they get so upset with me. They are terrified for me." Having lost half her body fat after having her stomach stapled, Osbourne admits she has always struggled with her weight and says she was once so fat her son Jack had to push her up the stairs. She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I was so fat I couldn't get up the stairs. Jack used to have to push me up with one hand on each butt cheek while I yanked myself up with the rail." Osbourne now sees a therapist regularly, and claims she has cut down on her vomiting from four times a day to just once a week. She said: "It's a huge improvement." - Jerusalem Post staff Kylie bounces back Kylie Minogue is set to make her first major public appearance since undergoing surgery for breast cancer. The diminutive singer, who was diagnosed with the illness in May, will attend the Pink Ice Ball at London's swanky Dorchester Hotel later this month. The stunning blonde, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Paris, will be a star guest at the charity bash, which is being held to raise awareness of breast cancer. A source is quoted in Britain's Mirror newspaper as saying: "Kylie is determined to attend the ball. It's for a very good cause and she is aiming to be strong enough to be there." - Jerusalem Post staff Does Sizemore matter? Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore is to release a series of his own home-made sex films. The Saving Private Ryan star, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is bringing out several tapes he made with nine different women, some of which have already been leaked on to the internet, to try and raise cash. Porn industry sources claim the actor could make millions from the illicit recordings due to the massive current interest in celebrity sex tapes, which include the rompings of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Colin Farrell. - Jerusalem Post Staff