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Ohad Naharin's "Telophase" is coming north following its world premiere at Timna in September.

telophase 88 298 (photo credit: )
telophase 88 298
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"Telophase" comes up north Ohad Naharin's "Telophase" is coming north following its world premiere at Timna in September. Juxtaposing intimacy and spectacle, the full-length work features 40 dancers, four video screens and five cameras. The cameras afford close-ups on moments that might otherwise be swallowed up in the whole. The work itself reflects the application of Naharin's dance language Ga Ga ("ga" being Hebrew for touch). The soundtrack created by Ohad Fishoff and abetted by Stefan Ferry is an eclectic mix ranging from Bollywood film music to digital accoustics while set, costumes and lighting are by long-time Naharin collaborators Rakefet Levi and Avi Yona (Bambi) Bueno. Performances will be in Ashkelon (5/1), Jerusalem(10/1) and the Herzliya Performing Arts Center 23 & 24/1/06). - Helen Kaye Don Carlo debuts at Israel Opera Verdi's monumental and very political Don Carlo will make its local debut at the Israel Opera with Georgian bass Paata Burchuladze as the Spanish King Philip II and Australian tenor Julian Gavin as crown prince Don Carlo, his rebellious heir. Written in 1866, Don Carlo's major theme is the struggle between church and state in Verdi's Italy but he distanced that conflict by setting it in 16th century Spain. In Don Carlo, Phillip doesn't only take on the Church, but must also contend with his son's attempts to undermine the throne. The opera is based on the play of the same name by Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805). The original five act French version premiered at the Paris Opera in 1867 and a revised four act Italian version opened at La Scala Milano in 1884. The IO production is the Italian Don Carlo. It's directed by Jean-Louis Grinda and conducted by IO music director Ashe Fisch. It opens at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center on January 14. - Helen Kaye And then there was light… Well, Hanukka is upon us. And back by demand is the "Bereshit Bezlilim" musical which brings the stories of Genesis to life. This is a family production. It is colorful, magical, and educational. Written and directed by Danny Erlich, "Bereshit Bezlilim" includes a cast of three actors, one singer, and five musicians. Singer Gabriel Lubenheim keeps the plot in focus as he sings and roars the words of God. First audiences get a glimpse of the story of creation, then jump over to Adam and Eve, then Cain and Abel, Noah and his family plus a few animals from the Ark. Children are sure to be fascinated by the old Biblical stories coming to life. You can catch "Bereshit Bezlilim" in Haifa (Dec 27), Jaffa (Dec 30, 31), Tel Aviv (Feb. 5), Raanana (Feb 8).Tickets available at agencies throughout the country. - Viva Sarah Press