YMCA's cultural coming together

In a festival dealing with coexistence, the relationship between Arabs and Jews will be explored.

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ymca poster 88 224
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The Jerusalem YMCA will celebrate its first multi-cultural festival of the arts on December 6 to coincide with the holiday season. The Celebration of Culture and Coexistence is sponsored by the European Union and aims to bring together all of Jerusalem's citizens to enjoy theater music and dance. "Although it is often very difficult to live side-by-side in this city," admits Amy Kronish, the Festival's curator, "we hope its citizens will realize that the same cultural experience - be it a play, a concert or dance performance - can move us all equally." In a festival which deals with coexistence, the difficult relationship between Arabs and Jews will naturally be explored. The festival's opening event, entitled "Longing or Exile At Home," is one of four plays in the festival produced by the Arab-Hebrew Theater group of Jaffa and directed by Igal Ezraty. The Festival's multi-cultural musical events include a "Musical Dialogue" between the Jerusalem Oratorio Chamber Choir and the Karawan Choir from Ibillin in the Western Galilee, a performance by the Classical Arabic Music Ensemble comprising 20 young Arab and Jewish musicians, and a concert starring David Broza and Ibrahim Eid. A full schedule of the Celebration of Culture and Coexistence can be found at: www.jerusalemymca.org. Tickets can be purchased by calling (02)-569 2684/73