August Beauty Review

A colleague who tried Clinique's Self-Sun self-tanning cream for the face and the body was rather pleased with the results.

The new Fix Edge Less micro-fiber lingerie is seamless and really makes you forget you're wearing anything underneath your clothes. The material is very stretchy and clings to the body, without feeling too tight. The camisole has adjustable shoulder straps, and the panties are a low-cut bikini; they can be worn as a set or separately. The price for the camisole is NIS 47, and the panties are NIS 29.90. A colleague who tried Clinique's Self-Sun self-tanning cream for the face and the body was rather pleased with the results. The cream is easy to apply and doesn't leave you with a streaky appearance. The cream has to be applied several times to achieve the effect of a real tan. The cream contains a sun protection factor of 15, but for real protection, you should apply sunscreen as well. A 125 ml. tube is NIS 120. A colleague who doesn't usually like to wear perfume liked Rosamor, the new Oscar de la Renta perfume for women. The floral fragrance comes on surprisingly strong, and then tapers off to a light rosy scent, with a hint of gardenia and vanilla, that wafts subtly by, almost like an afterthought. The special edition bottle, available for a limited period of time, includes a cute pink bracelet with a mother-of-pearl flower; the price for a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 485. Maria Galland markets a series of luxurious creams based on caviar. The newest addition is called Success Eye Cream. It is supposed to diminish wrinkles, nourish the skin, repair sagging skin, and take care of bags underneath the eyes. I seem to have dark circles underneath my eyes all the time, which no cream has ever gotten rid of - including this one. It feels very pleasant and soft though, and after it's absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling really nourished. The price for this luxury is rather high, since we're talking caviar here - a 15 ml. jar is NIS 496. Maria Galland's products are available at selected beauty parlors; call 03-647-1151. A woman with long, thick, curly hair seemed to be the ideal person to try out the new series of Bio Silk hair products that come in four categories - cleanse, treat, style and finish. The Silk Therapy shampoo and conditioner were rather nice, and left the hair feeling smooth. For a deep treatment, it is recommended to leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes after you wrap your hair in a hot towel, allowing the silk to penetrate the hair. The Silk Therapy Shine On spray did the job of giving the hair a nice shine, but started feeling sticky after a while. Other products include hair spray, gel, a mask and serum. The Bio Silk products, made by Farouk Systems USA, are available in selected hairdressing salons only. The price for a 300 ml. bottle of shampoo is NIS 77, the conditioner is NIS 81, and the Shine On spray and the hair spray are NIS 92 each. Lux has some new body lotions worth trying. The Pearl Souffl body cream feels light, is easily absorbed, and has a delicious smell that doesn't linger too long. The cream contains orchid and fruit extracts; a 200 ml. jar is NIS 24. The body lotions are only NIS 15 for 250 ml., and they come in three varieties - sorbet-effect, light reflect and nutri-pearls.