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Winter is as good a reason as any to pull a new handbag off the shopping rail.

emanuel handbag_311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
emanuel handbag_311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
‘You can judge a man by his watch, and a woman by her handbag.” Handbag shops to women are like gadget shops to men; they pull us like a magnet. World fashion master Christian Lacroix once said: “I have always been fascinated by accessories, for they play a final, decisive role in the overall style.” After many years of trials and hardships, this phrase has become a golden rule in today’s fashion arena.
Why do women carry handbags? Is the need to carry half of your belongings rooted in the female biology? Is the image of a woman lost inside her gigantic bag looking for keys or her cell-phone ordained in the female genes? If you ask me, not only are handbags are one of life’s necessities; they are one of life’s joys, and the more the merrier.
To justify my urgent need for yet another bag I go back in history. Biologically speaking, the female of our species takes care of her offspring and makes sure that all needs will be met at home and away from it. This can explain the need to carry so much around. After all, who knows what we (or someone else) may need? To illustrate: When you go out with a male friend do you ask him for tissues, pen, or paper? No – they ask you: “and while you’re at it, dear, can I put my things in your purse…?” Am I saying that there is a basic “purse carrying” gene? Well actually yes, I am.
Well, says the responsible male, I can understand needing a good bag – but why do you need a new one when there are so many already in the closet? Do we really need to explain? Look at this year’s collection. I am sure you will feel, as I do, that the pictures speak for themselves.
The new trends:
Mailman – Emanuel Greenshpan, of Emanuel bags, says that the mailman bag is a must this season. These are big bags, but not huge, they close in the front with a buckle or a a zipper and have long straps to allow for wearing the bag horizontally. Perfect for your skinny jeans and plaid shirt.
The Madmen look – small short-strap bags maybe less convenient – but they are very fashionable now. Netta Sade, a local designer, included these bags in her new collection, but didn't drop the bigger bags that are perfect for your working day.
Sport elegant – Le Sportsac is an American firm that specializes in very functional and durable bags that are designed by celebrities such as Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg and Gwen Stefani.
Take your home with you – the oversize bags are here to stay, says Greenshpan, noting the new textures and revolutionary materials, as well as a variety of adornments and the newest of all – a solution to the eternal problem – a small built-in LED light that switches on when you open the bag so you may actually find what you’re looking for.
Evening out – the clutch is on top of all lists for evening bags, this year with printed and embossed leather, and a new color scheme – blue, nude, many shades of gray and brown and as always, black.
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