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Tali Imbar's new summer collection contains a lot of interesting, colorful, and carefully designed items.

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Tali Imbar's new summer collection contains a lot of interesting, colorful, and carefully designed items. For example, a short-sleeve black T-shirt, whose upper part consists of two scarf-like ends you cross and wrap around your waist, and then tie in front. It is made out of super-light material (viscose), which dries in no time after you hand wash it, that it looks very elegant and gives it a special touch that makes it a little different from your other shirts. We were less impressed with the quality of the retro-style Tali Imbar belt, made of a strip of white plastic woven together like a braid, with a big clasp. Check out part of her collection on The prices for the shirts vary from NIS 250 to NIS 350; her clothes are available in the designer galleries in the Jerusalem Mall, in Tel Aviv and soon in the new mall in Modi'in. When it comes to shoes, comfort and elegance are not necessarily exclusive, and the Lady Comfort shoes are a good example of this. Even though I rarely wear heels, the sandals with (not-too-high) heels felt comfortable and looked much more feminine than the rest of my footwear. The sandals have thin, braided straps in the colors off-white, gold and bronze in the front, and have a very flexible sole. Prices start at NIS 299; for information about the stores where you can find them, check the Web at, or call (03) 687-3025. The new summer collection of the Zebra chain has many very affordable, fashionable items for the whole family. The black tunic top with two pockets in the front and with big buttons attaching the straps (NIS 60) was thought to be ideal for a hot summer day when you can dress casually. Our young test subject loved her new blue cotton dress with spaghetti straps and with a colorful picture of a girl playing with flowers, which sells for only NIS 30; her mom was happy it's easy to wash and doesn't need to be ironed. To view the summer collection, go to The Lord Kitsch stores also have affordable summer fashion, and the simple yellow shirt with short bell sleeves (NIS 79.90) looked great on someone with a nice tan; it is available in several colors. The Avgad jewelry chain has some interesting bracelets that can cheer up any summer outfit. The bracelet with Swarovski crystals and pearls (NIS 330) was to the liking of someone who wears flashy, noticeable jewelry, and it did look good with a bronzed tan. Prices for the bracelets go from NIS 130 to NIS 2,000. A nice and original accessory is the Hang Bag, a decorative item in the shape of a butterfly, a heart or a miniature jacket, with a hook attached to it which you can use to hang up your bag when sitting in a restaurant or café. The butterfly-shaped Hang Bag with bright blue wings and inlaid silver-colored stones proved to be a practical solution for someone who doesn't want to put her bag on a (dirty) floor, and the cute design drew lots of attention. The Hang Bag is marketed by Raphael Accessories, and you can find a list of the stores where it is available on; the price is NIS 120 to NIS 200, depending on the design. As always, Speedo bathing suits don't disappoint when it comes to quality and comfort. The Endurance Swim Element in dark blue with turquoise and green stripes on the sides and a low-cut back with crossed-over straps, proved to be a great fit for someone who likes to really swim and not just sit around the pool. The material feels comfortable and dries rather quickly; it's supposed to be chlorine resistant, which will make the color and elasticity last longer. Prices for Speedo Endurance swimsuits start at NIS 199.