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Avene's creams are enriched with thermal spring water, which is supposedly soothing and anti-irritating.

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face cream 88
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Having the word "pink" in the name and color of a perfume, in this case Pink Diamond Wish by Chopard, can often lead to the mistaken impression that the smell will be strawberry-like. Instead, Pink Diamond Wish has a fruity-floral aroma with a lemony tang. A colleague found this scent to be perfect for the springtime when you're in the mood for a lighter perfume. The diamond-shaped container is attractive but takes up a lot of shelf space and gives the illusion that the bottle is about to roll off. For an eau de toilette, the aroma lingers a relatively long time, a pleasant accompaniment to the day; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 465. A colleague who tried the new Dior 5-color palette of eye shadows (in the shades deep blue, purple, lilac, beige and white) mentioned that the colors probably won't suit everyone. Her favorite is the deep blue that has a touch of glitter. The best thing about this palette is the texture; even after several hours, if applied right, the shadow doesn't crease. The five-color palette is also available in other shades, such as brown-pink or green, and comes with two small double-sided brushes for application; the price is NIS 281. Maybelline has whipped up something nice for your face, a Dream Matte Mousse foundation. The mousse-cream feels very light, has a creamy texture and is easily applied. On the negative side, I found it doesn't cover as nicely as a liquid foundation does, and rubs off more easily during the course of the day. For those who like a quick and easy application of make-up, this is a good product; the mousse, available in five different shades, is NIS 80 for an 18 ml. jar. Natural Formula makes good hair products at an affordable price, usually aimed at a somewhat younger public. My daughter likes the Hair Sparks Light Gel, a gel with (subtle) glitters in it, and it's not just for Purim. The gel smells good, lets you style your hair the way you want without weighing it down (if you don't overdo it, that is) and adds an extra sparkle to your appearance; a 200 ml. tube of the Light Gel, available in four different styles, is NIS 23. Havaianas are plastic toe-sandals (flip-flops) for the beach or pool that feel reasonably comfortable, even to a woman who never likes the feeling of that plastic piece between your big and second toe. The sandals are part of the new summer collection featuring the Metallic look, with silver and gold-colored toe-sandals; the price for these Metallic slippers is NIS 80. A friend's young daughter was happy with her white and pink Havaianas decorated with hearts; according to her mom, she was able to run around in them easily without them slipping off. Havaianas also has a collection of beach sandals with pictures of animals that are endangered species; the company will donate 7 percent of profits to help save these creatures. For babies and toddlers, Havaianas makes beach sandals with a band around the heel for support, in sizes 19 to 24 (NIS 60-90). Avene's creams are enriched with thermal spring water, which is supposedly soothing and anti-irritating. The packages also come with an expiration date, something you almost never see on a face cream. A colleague liked the Rich Compensating Cream, suitable for dry skin; the texture and the fragrance were judged to be very nice, and the cream feels very moisturizing when first put on. Unfortunately, this feeling doesn't last very long, and the skin needs moisturizing again after a few hours; a 50 ml. jar is NIS 200.