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Hugo Boss has a new edition of its classic fragrance called Boss in Motion Black.

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The Deep Pore Cleansing Mask for men by Montagne Jeunesse left my husband's face feeling soft and fresh; the mask has a pleasant mint-like aroma as well and didn't make his skin feel tight while it was on. The only disappointment - especially for my girls, who were trying to make daddy look funny - is that it didn't make him look like a blue-faced alien, as in the picture on the package. After about 10 minutes, you can just peel off the mask, which then looks like slightly-blue plastic. The Montagne Jeunesse masks come in individual-size packages, sold for NIS 8.90 each. I usually love Decle'or products, mostly because they have a wonderful aroma and are composed of natural ingredients. The Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Flower Nectar moisturizing cream didn't disappoint me: It has a subtle but delicious fragrance, which makes applying it a pleasurable experience, and it feels great, too. The cream must be absorbed before make-up is applied to the skin. The cream supposedly protects from pollution, thanks to neroli oil (made from citrus flowers), but it does not contain a sun protection factor, so you will have to apply sunscreen separately. A 50 ml. jar of the Flower Nectar cream or the Fresh Flower lotion is NIS 405. Hugo Boss has a new edition of its classic fragrance called Boss in Motion Black. A friend's husband, a long-time user of Hugo Boss fragrance products, was very pleased with the new version, which smelled fresh with a hint of citrus flowers. The scent was deemed perfect for the summer months; the black ball-shaped bottle (the same shape as the original Boss in Motion fragrance) with an orange line in the middle makes a statement, too. You pay NIS 299 for 90 ml. Helena Rubinstein's Stellars Showlights is a new series of lipsticks and glosses with bright light-reflecting elements, called crazy lights, creating a very glamorous effect. The Sweet Lolita Stellar Gloss is soft pink with glittery elements, something you can wear by itself or on top of a light-colored lipstick; the gloss does feel a little sticky on your lips. The gloss and lipstick are available in nine different shades with names such as Spotlight, Showtime, Cabaret, etc.; the price for the Stellars gloss is NIS 140 and the lipsticks are NIS 155. Pure White Linen is the newest Estee Lauder fragrance for women, a new version of the classic White Linen scent that was introduced almost 30 years ago. Although I'm personally no big fan of the White Linen fragrance - it's too heavy for my taste - this scent was pleasantly light and refreshing. This light, flowery scent with red tulips, rose bloom and other white flowers is perfect for everyday use; the white bottle itself is, like the perfume, pure and simple. A 30 ml. bottle is NIS 230, 50 ml. is NIS 330 and 100 ml. is NIS 450. L'Ore'al Glam Bronze Duo is a bronzing powder in two different shades of brown, one light and one dark. A friend found the fact that there are two shades in one box very practical; she uses the lighter shade for all over her face and de'collete' and the darker shade in lieu of a blush. If you combine the two colors, it creates a nice, somewhat darker shade; you need a big brush to apply. The price for the Glam Bronze Duo is NIS 100.