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Clarins has a new day cream and night cream for women above the age of 40 that supposedly firms the skin and protects its nerve endings, lending it a youthful look.

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The new Moran comfort shoes I'm wearing now on colder winter days feel like gloves on my feet. The light-weight shoes, actually more like half-boots, are made out of soft, black leather, with a flexible sole, and make you feel like you're walking on air. I'm also happy that their somewhat off-putting brand name - Medical Moran - is only written on the bottom, and not on the sides, as it is with some other models. The winter collection of Moran shoes also includes Swedish clogs in different colors and models, with a closed toe; those look a little less elegant, but comfort is the key word here. The prices for Moran shoes vary from NIS 300 to NIS 390. Careline's new series of lip glosses, called Lip Passion, come in different shades reminiscent of coffee and chocolate, and they taste like them, too. The Chocolate shade number 99 was too dark for my taste, and I didn't like the smell of either. These glosses are for those with darker complexions who want the added bonus of chocolate fragrance and taste, perhaps for their chocoholic kissing partners. The gloss is applied with a little brush, and has some sparkling elements in it; one Lip Passion gloss is NIS 69.95. Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra foundation felt like silk to the woman who tried it out, and left her skin wonderfully soft. The term "comfort makeup" on the bottle is really no exaggeration, she claims. The foundation, available in five different shades, comes in a bottle with pump dispenser, is light and goes on smoothly. The foundation supposedly stays put for 14 hours; while this may not be totally true, it still is a great product. Too bad it's on the expensive side: a 30 ml. bottle is NIS 270. My husband, who doesn't like strong colognes, found the new Lacoste Essential right to his taste. Although its "fresh and spicy notes on an elegant woody base" may hardly be the "unique" scent it claims to be, he found it an eau de toilette both subtle enough for day use and sufficiently distinctive for night-wear as well. But, as you might expect, any product with that little alligator doesn't come cheap; a 75 ml. bottle is NIS 226, and 125 ml. is NIS 289. Clinique's Touch Blush is a blush that comes in the shape of a mousse, and feels as creamy as one. Applying it takes a little rubbing, but the result is okay. The Touch Blush comes in a small round container that easily fits in any pocketbook, which is a handy feature. Clinique Touch blush comes in four shades, and costs NIS 120 for 3 ml. Clarins has a new day cream and night cream for women above the age of 40 that supposedly firms the skin and protects its nerve endings, lending it a youthful look. Since I'm now qualified, as far as age is concerned, to use these products, I was curious to give the Extra-Firming Night Cream a try. The cream has a pleasing vanilla aroma, and despite the rich texture, feels rather light. The ingredients include rosemary, Vitamin E and Alfalfa plant extract. After a few weeks of use, the skin feels well nourished, and it's a pleasure to apply the cream every night. As usual with Clarins products, the creams are not cheap: a 50 ml. container of Extra Firming Night Cream is NIS 427.20, and the same amount of Extra Firming Day Cream is NIS 397.30.