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The eau de parfum Essence de Femme by Hugo Boss lives up to the promise of its name.

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boss perfume 88
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Lavido makes natural cosmetic products from herbs and organic oils, and its new line contains citrus fruits extracts. The facial cleanser made from citrus fruit extracts with added sandalwood, pomegranate and lavender oil, suitable for normal skin, states that it is 98 percent natural. The fragrance of this brownish liquid is quite strong, though not unpleasant; it is a little oily and not as foaming as many other facial cleansers, but leaves the skin clean, certainly not greasy. Also available in this line are face cream, eye cream and serum; Lavido cosmetics are available in the Hochmat Ha'adama stores in Tel Aviv and at other health food and organic food stores. A friend liked Careline's Biogenic line of facial products, consisting of a so-called Active Cell protection day cream, night cream and eye cream, containing an element called Helioguard, extracted from red seaweed. The day cream felt smooth and had a subtle, pleasant smell; it also has a sun protection factor of 15. The night cream and eye cream were thicker, but absorbed nicely. Careline's creams are not tested on animals, another plus, and they're made here. Biogenic day cream and night cream are NIS 170 for 50 ml., and the eye cream is NIS 166 for 30 ml. The test subject who tried the off-white bra with beige lace on the edges from the You underwear fashion chain thought it sexy without being vulgar. The bra felt comfortable throughout the day, and is easily adjustable; the cups have extra padding for a lifting effect, but if you like you can take these out. The bras have matching panties; the price for the bra is NIS 169.90, and the panties are NIS 59.90. Another new line at the You stores is the Tattoo bra and panties, with black-laced embroidery on the flesh-colored cups of the bra, creating the look of a tattoo on the bust. The tattoo bra is NIS 249.90, and the panties are NIS 99.90. Dior's Five Colors eye shadow Stylish Move (No. 970), a new item in the fall-winter makeup collection, lets you dive into winter "hot purples," offering some deep evening shades along with daytime lighter mauve browns. A friend loved this set of colors that are sophisticated and neutral enough to accompany other winter grays. The shades can carry you from a light morning makeup to more dramatic night makeup. It stays on perfectly through out the day. A set of Dior Five Colors eye shadow is NIS 279. The eau de parfum Essence de Femme by Hugo Boss lives up to the promise of its name. A friend described the scent as feminine and delicate, sweet and alluring. It stays on well through the day without any change in the quality of the scent, and is highly recommended. Actually, this Hugo Boss concentrated scent was created more for the evening hours; Essence de Femme is NIS 359 for a 50-ml. bottle. Maybelline New York Wonder Finish, an express stick foundation, is a great asset to any makeup bag you carry around with you. Thanks are due to whoever invented this smart, quality product. Hiding in a compact lipstick size is a light, fine texture foundation on a stick, small enough to be carried in any purse. A few strokes around the T-zone, and you look fresh, glowing and set for whatever is coming your way. A life saver when you need a quick fix on the go; the Wonder Finish express stick is NIS 105, and comes in three different shades.