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Michel Mercier makes a line of hair products for fine and colored hair, exactly what I need, so I was happy to give the conditioner a try.

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A friend thought Garnier Fresh facial cream for regular or mixed skin to be an excellent product, embodying light, soft texture that absorbs immediately with a pleasant, fresh scent. The cream leaves the skin soft and smooth, with no trace of oily residue; she reported an immediate improvement in her skin's texture and appearance. For dry or sensitive skin, you should try the Garnier Soft cream. The price is very reasonable - a 50-ml. jar is NIS 80. Christian Lacroix has a new eau de parfum appropriately called C'est la Fête which would indeed be nice to wear during the upcoming holiday season of Hanukka/Christmas/New Year. The scent is sweet and fruity, with notes of pear, litchi and apricot, and flowery as well, with notes of jasmine, rose and orchid. I couldn't quite figure out what the shape of the bottle was supposed to resemble, especially the cap with its two "branches" sticking out, but it was explained to me that it is actually supposed to look like a human heart. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 280, and 100 ml. is NIS 370. A friend tried out two green eye shadows by Maybelline, one a mousse and the other a pencil. The Dream Mousse Eyecolor was easy to apply and felt fresh. The Color Definer pencil was a bit harder to get in the right place, but it did last much longer. A nice gimmick is that it comes with a pencil sharpener attached on the other end. The green color was actually the same in both versions, and looked great. The Color Definer pencil is NIS 45, and the Dream Mousse Eyecolor is NIS 50; both come in five different shades. Michel Mercier makes a line of hair products for fine and colored hair, exactly what I need, so I was happy to give the conditioner a try. A plant extract called obliphica supposedly strengthens the hair from the roots. As a conditioner, I liked the product: It left the hair smooth and manageable. It was a little difficult to squeeze the conditioner out of the bottle, which is frustrating when you're in the shower. If it added volume to my hair is hard to say, but then again, I haven't found any product yet that really does. Michel Mercier shampoo or conditioner for fine and colored hair costs NIS 20 for a 500-ml. bottle. Life, SuperPharm's brand, now sells wipes to remove your nail polish in a quick and easy way. The wipes are individually wrapped, and are ideal to take with you when traveling and don't want to bother with bottles of nail polish remover. The remover is acetone-free, and contains vitamins E and B5; a box of 10 wipes is NIS 10. The Nerot Besheinkin stores have wonderful soaps that are made with 25 percent olive oil, plus other natural ingredients. The varieties offered are rosemary, poppy seed (for a peeling effect), vanilla and seaweed. The latter is supposedly good for toning your body, but as the soap is more used, you're left with all this hairy looking stuff which isn't very attractive or useful. When you go into the store, you can pick your favorite soap and take home a slice. You pay by weight: 100 gr. is NIS 16.