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Kylie Minogue's Sweet Darling is definitely an improvement on the original Darling perfume.

perfume 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
perfume 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme is a perfume in a bottle that was unlike anything our test subject had ever seen, covered in what looks like a gown. This is actually a crocheted, off-white stretchy material, which is pretty but can be annoying as it kept slipping down off the bottle while she was using it. The perfume has a musky, floral scent, with notes of black currant, jasmine and patchouli; when first put on, it was a bit overwhelming and strong. The scent eventually softens up and is not as overpowering. It does last a long time: A few sprays were all that was needed to last all day. Some people absolutely loved this scent and wanted to know where she got it, while others thought it was too strong. She thought the fragrance was nice, not incredible, but definitely something to be used on a regular basis when going out. A 30-ml. bottle is NIS 310, 50 ml. is NIS 450 and 75 ml. is NIS 570. Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine comes in a pretty colorful bottle decorated with flowers, nice enough to leave out on your dresser. The fragrance is flowery and fruity, containing pineapple, bergamot, passion fruit, pink peony, amber and musk, among other notes; it is great for the spring and summer. All ages will enjoy this, because, according to a friend, the scent makes you feel sexy and fun. My friend's teenage daughters cannot get enough of this scent and wear it every day. The price for a 50-ml. bottle of Incanto Shine, available at the Hamashbir Hahadash Letzarchan stores, is NIS 400. I've always loved the Estée Lauder Pleasures fragrance, a light scent that is perfect for everyday wear, and the new Pleasures Delight didn't disappoint me. Pleasures Delight is a bit heavier and sweeter than the original fragrance, but not overbearing (unlike Pleasures Exotic, a previous creation, which is too sweet for my taste). According to the manufacturer, this floral scent has notes of pomegranate, whipped strawberry meringue, caramel, freesia, white peony and more; the design of the bottle resembles that of the original Pleasures scent, while the color of the eau de parfum is light pink. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 310, and a 100-ml. bottle is NIS 450. A friend who likes her perfumes to be on the sweet side absolutely loved Chopard's Happy Spirit, a scent that definitely leaves an impression. The scent includes notes of blood orange, magnolia, honeysuckle, raspberry, amber and musk, all to create a sweet, powerful fragrance. The heart-shaped bottle is beautiful; because of this shape, it has to be displayed lying down, or, though not very stable, on its side. The price for 50 ml. is NIS 399, and 75 ml. is NIS 529. Kylie Minogue's Sweet Darling is definitely an improvement on the original Darling perfume, even though the name implies this one is sweet, the original Darling was so overbearingly sweet that nobody I asked wanted to wear it. The Sweet Darling is a sensually sweet, flowery scent with notes of citrus flowers and amber; a friend likes to wear it occasionally, as do her daughters. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 275, and 75 ml. is NIS 335. Burberry The Beat is the newest fragrance of the classy Burberry fashion house. The young woman who volunteered to wear it absolutely loves this smell, and it is an appropriate scent for her age, since it's not too heavy. The fragrance is kind of flowery, and smells like spring, with notes of bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, iris and cedar wood, to name a few. The glass bottle with metal cap displays the classic Burberry plaid design in a subtle way; altogether, this was judged to be a great scent to have. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 369, and the 75-ml. bottle goes for NIS 463.