Consuming Beauty: Hot eye shadows for summer

Dior's new look for the summer shows many shades of purple.

purple lady 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
purple lady 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Guerlain Ombre Eclat Duo and Liner eye shadows in two shades with eyeliner, comes in a gorgeous gold-colored case complete with two quality brushes and a compact mirror. Our test subject tried out the Ombre Eclat L'Heure Brune with two shades of brown. The lighter cream shade provided a smooth, pearly, subtle base for the eyelids, while the darker brown shade was deep, rich and dramatic. Careful blending of both powders provided an evening look that sculpted the eye and provided an elegant sheen. The set also comes with a creamy liner in dark brown that should be applied to the base of the eyelashes. This liner really shaped the eye, providing a finishing touch that can be as dramatic or subtle as one desires. The Ombre Eclat proved to be a great set that puts the bar high for other eyeliners and combines both the classic style and ultimate luxury for which Guerlain is famous. The price for the set, available in six variations, is NIS 277. Blue is a color we see coming back this summer. Il Makiage Premium are eye shadows that come as a stick with a roller at the end, so you just roll the color over the eyelid, after which you can blend it with your fingertips. I tried the Premium in blue, and found it rather easy to use, although I didn't particularly like the feeling of pressure on the eyelid when applying the shade. The color was applied evenly and stayed on for a long period of time; the Il Makiage Premium eye shadow is also available in brown, pink, green and cream. You can find it at the Il Makiage stores for NIS 77. Dior's new look for the summer shows many shades of purple. A friend tried the 5 Couleurs Iridescent eye shades called Pink Harmony, containing five shades of pastel pinks and lilac, packed in a beautiful dark-blue case with mirror and two brushes. She loved the feel of the shades, which was velvety and creamy, and the effect was subtle-chic. 5 Couleurs Iridescent is also available in shades of gray-green-purple-pink; the price for this set is NIS 279. To complement the look, Dior also has some great new lipsticks; for example the Rouge Dior in several shades of pinks and brownish pinks (NIS 150), or the new Dior Addict High Shine lipsticks with extra shine (NIS 142), available in 13 different shades. We tried the lipstick with the name Bronze Bombshell, which in spite of its name was very chic and rather subtle, with some glimmering effects. Jade Eye Shadow Palette with four shades of purple-lilac was much to the liking of someone who usually goes for green or blue shades. The powder felt soft and was easily applied. The four shades come in an elegant gold colored box that fits easily in your pocketbook. My friend had the feeling that you're getting value for your money here, since the price for the four shades in a box with mirror is NIS 99.90 (without the mirror the price is NIS 94.90). The Jade Eye Shadow Palette is also available in brown-beige. Boaz Stein has come up with some very bright eye shadows that are supposed to remind you of ice cream flavors, such as punch-banana, mocha, mint-orange or pistachio nuts-peach. A friend tried the punch-banana, one bright yellow and one bright pink shade. She was unsure how to use them and then decided that fingers would be easier than a brush. The shades felt really soft and smooth and she liked the shiny effect on the eye. Although the colors looked shocking in the box, they were quite subtle when mixed. She concluded that she will definitely wear them at night for a glamorous evening look. The price for one eye shadow is NIS 88. A friend was disappointed with Estée Lauder's Signature Silky eye shadow duo in Black and White. Although the quality of the product was as good as always, the color is very last season. Black and White was in fashion last summer, and the extreme contrast in eye color has now been replaced with a hue of colors that work together to create an effect. However, she did enjoy the texture of the eye shadow, but would have preferred one of the other combinations available, such as mocha (gray and brown), cappuccino (brown shades), ginger (dark and light brown), raspberry (pinkish shades) or plum sugar (purple tints). The price for Signature Silky Eye Shadow Duos is NIS 170.