Consuming Beauty: New for winter

I absolutely loved the new Dior Rouge Velvet lipstick in Lily Charm, which felt very smooth and velvety indeed, and got me a lot of compliments.

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dior fash 88
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Although Calvin Klein's new Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum spray was found to be rather sweet by some of my colleagues, one of them gave it a rave review. She described it as a perfect accompaniment to the Indian summer we were recently enjoying. In the cool of the morning, it was reminiscent of autumn musk, and conjured up images of golden leaves. As the day progressed and the sun warmed, the fragrance seemed to change to a freshness hinting at spring flowers and green fields. In the evening, it reverted to its morning muskiness and warmth. She describes it as a fresh, warm, exciting and sensual perfume that is perfect for all hours of the day and every season of the year. The name Eternity Moment sums it up perfectly; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 388, and 100 ml. is NIS 515. Madina Milano Absolute Eye Shadow Duo Glitter 31 is an eye shadow compact that comes in a small silver mesh cover. The box itself is a silver circle split into two shades - glittery black and white. A friend who found the packaging to be extremely chic tried it out with her daughter, who favors the black-heavy "Goth" look. Though she liked the dramatic effect of the shadow, it is definitely is not for every day wear, she said, but is more suitable for parties such as a New Year's bash. The price for this product, available at the Madina Milano stores and through the Internet at, is NIS 89. Shampoos and conditioners are not only made for different hair types, such as colored, fine or curly, but are now seasonal products as well. Some companies had special shampoos for the summer, and Hawaii has now launched a shampoo and a conditioner that will protect hair from damage caused by winter weather and the dryness that results from indoor heating - while also preventing frizz. The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with almond milk and vitamins, and unlike the overbearing fragrance of other Hawaii products, these smell very pleasant. Too bad less attention was given to the English translation of product names on the bottles: Winter Stressed Shampoo and Winter Stressed Conditioner. At least your wallet won't be stressed, since a 700 ml. bottle is only NIS 15. I absolutely loved the new Dior Rouge Velvet lipstick in Lily Charm, which felt very smooth and velvety indeed, and got me a lot of compliments. The lipstick won't survive a meal, and does need to be reapplied, but it doesn't dry out lips like so many long-lasting lipsticks do. The blue and gold case will look nice in your purse, too; but as with all Dior make-up, it's a little pricy: one lipstick is NIS 134. A friend of mine was very pleased with Careline's new Perfect Care eyes & lips wrinkle-release serum. The serum, meant for women aged 50 and up, is supposed to have a tightening effect and left the skin feeling soft and moisturized. The ingredient soy isoflavon, derived from soy beans, supposedly imitates natural estrogen and renews collagen in the skin. The price for a 30 ml. bottle of the eyes & lips serum is NIS 139.95. A colleague loved the Sisley Phyto-Teint Perfect foundation, beautifully packaged in an elegant black and red box. The makeup goes on evenly because of the texture (and the application pad) - which is a combination of liquid and powder foundation. The makeup is available in five different shades, including the somewhat dark "honey" color she tried. The foundation lasts all day without having to reapply and because it's compact and has a mirror, you can stick it in your purse. You will have to pay for this chic perfection, though: the Phyto-Teint Perfect is NIS 418.