New face for the New Year

Winter's a good time to peel off dead skin and unveil a fresh, younger-looking layer. We tried a few new beauty treatments.

Skin treatment (photo credit: Danny Uplinger)
Skin treatment
(photo credit: Danny Uplinger)
One of our favorite spots in Tel Aviv, Kisu, on the northern part of Dizengoff Street, was the first place we went to check out some of the country’s latest beauty treatments. Kisu is a beauty store and cosmetic treatment clinic owned by Erika Jungreis. A beautician who made aliya from the US, she decided to open a store that would provide clients with solutions to a host of beauty needs, offering only what she considers to be the best skin care and makeup products, as well as select perfumes and onsite treatments.
For this season, Jungreis suggests the Oxygenating Trio by PCA, a three-step procedure that helps stimulate skin cells and rejuvenate sluggish skin by drawing oxygen to the surface, resulting in more radiant, healthy-looking skin. Jungreis especially recommends this treatment for people who travel extensively, work in a stressful environment or are planning to attend a special occasions, such as a wedding or other important event.
The first stage, Activator, enhances circulation and prepares the skin for treatment with the help of a biochemical ingredient. The second stage involves draining toxins and waste from the cells and inserting active ingredients. The third stage is a gentle peeling based on lactic acids. This stage helps close pores, remove dead skin cells and even out skin tone. To complete the treatment, Jungreis uses rich serums and gels to restore lost moisture. The entire procedure is performed by Jungreis herself. As a finishing touch, she applies the perfect makeup for the client.
NIS 650 at Kisu, 306 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv
A well-known establishment, the Ronit Raphael Beauty-Science centers offer many different procedures. For this season, they suggest one of the two most popular new procedures, depending on one’s skin condition.
The most popular treatment at the centers last year was the Ultra-Gravity treatment, which combines ultrasound, oxygen and muscle strengthening in one. As in all the procedures offered, one session alone will not render the desired results, say the center’s beauticians. This mega-treatment, as they call it, combines a number of advanced technologies, offering solutions to more than just one age-related problem and resulting in immediate improvement – less wrinkled, tighter-looking skin. Taking a series of these treatments will not only produce younger-looking skin but will also help prevent further skin deterioration.
The ultrasound helps to infuse vitamins and other ingredients into the epidermis, acting to boost collagen production and improve blood circulation.
An anti-aging complex based on vitamins and lecithin helps rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, while electric technology that sends pulses deep into the skin strengthens the muscles of the face and lifts sagging areas.
Another part is the new Oxy treatment developed by the Ronit Raphael laboratories, which utilizes special equipment to insert needed cosmetic complexes into the deeper layer of the skin. The complex is chosen specifically for the client according to her (or his) needs.
A new procedure added recently to the ever-growing menu in the Ronit Raphael centers is the Collagen Booster, first launched in the company’s center in Geneva.
It is based on a combination of two procedures. One prepares the skin and helps protect it. The other remedies problems, promotes new cells and renders younger-looking skin.
The first, a complex developed by Prof. Meir Shinitzky, is an ampoule of active ingredients such as vitamins and lecithin, which carries the vitamins into the skin. The new laser technique, working in the deep layer of the dermis, boosts the production of collagen, thus tightening the outer layer and giving the face a real lift.
The two techniques combined not only reduce the appearance of age spots and other blemishes but also rejuvenate the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. One can actually see the results even after one treatment; but for long-term improvement, one must take a series of these procedures, which are actually fun.
The cost depends on the type and number of treatments. For more information, call 1-800-858-484 or