Ay, caramba!

The atmosphere is young, the vibe fashionably carefree. Fun and trendy, the Taqueria restaurant is the new ‘in’ place in Tel Aviv.

Ay, caramba! (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ay, caramba!
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Long overdue, taco lovers – and apparently there are quite a few in Israel – are now able to get their wish at Taqueria, a new taco restaurant in Tel Aviv. Opened just a couple of months ago, Taqueria is already the newest hot spot for the young and hip of the city.
The place offers a host of Mexican street food loved by Americans, especially those raised on the West Coast. Danna Yarzin, one of the owners of the place, grew up in Los Angeles and for her, a taco is like a felafel for locals. She says that Americans who come to Taqueria are so pleased to find the food they love, that they keep returning again and again. But they are not the only ones. When we visited the place for a quick lunch, the place was packed with trendy locals on their lunch break.
We started with classic cheese quesadillas, served with salsa and sour cream (NIS 28), which was very tasty. There are also chicken and shrimp variations.
The food as a whole is great for its kind. The tacos are made from handmade, gluten-free tortillas. Served two to a plate, they are stuffed with chicken, beef, fish, sea food or beans (NIS 28) and are spicy but in a good way. The burrito menu also offers many different meat or vegetarian options, all very authentic and very tasty.
At night, Taqueria is a place to hang out, have a drink and share a plate of excellent nachos or tostadas with guacamole and roasted tomato salsa. The atmosphere is young, the vibe fashionably carefree, which is oh so befitting of Tel Aviv. It feels as if it has always been there.
Operating as a bar at night, Taqueria offers a rich selection of tequilas and a few refreshing margaritas (NIS 28). But if you want to get a better deal, take advantage of Happy Hour (4-6 p.m.), when all drinks are offered at 1+1.
The business lunch is also a great value. You can get a taco or burrito meal with rice plus an appetizer for NIS 48.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Taqueria Not kosher 28 Lavontin Street, Tel Aviv Tel: (03) 600-5280