Romance and fun in Neveh Tzedek

Nana is still one of the best bets when visiting the picturesque neighborhood.

Nana is still one of the best bets when visiting the picturesque neighborhood (photo credit: Courtesy)
Nana is still one of the best bets when visiting the picturesque neighborhood
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The combination of Neveh Tzedek and the location of Nana Bar creates a magical atmosphere that takes the guest back in time to when Neveh Tzedek was one of the first neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Nana is an intimate place, and its unadorned charm makes you feel right at home. The dim lights, intimate design and music all contribute to its special atmosphere. The super-friendly wait staff helps make everyone feel comfortable.
Last year, the restaurant was taken over by new management, thereby offering a new alcohol and food menu. The menu is quite extensive, with a wide array of salads, pastas, fish and meat dishes.
As soon as we were seated, our capable server appeared with an extensive wine list. After asking whether we like red or white, she gave her recommendation. We opted for a local Petite Sirah from the Vitkin Winery. It was indeed an excellent wine, with fruity aromas of red berries and a touch of oak.
We started our meal with a wonderfully fresh endive and Roquefort salad (NIS 45). Endive is a notoriously difficult vegetable for those unfamiliar with it; though fragile in appearance, it has a rather bitter taste. Here, the endive was finely sliced and served in a mound with seasonal fruits, hazelnuts and a dressing that seemed to mellow the bitterness without submerging it entirely.
Next up was sea bass carpaccio (NIS 44). The infusion of citrus segments, lemon vinaigrette and fresh cilantro helped complement the subtle texture and flavors of the raw fish, which we greatly enjoyed. This was followed by a generous portion of goose liver pâté. The crème brulée topping was a perfect balance to the rich flavor of the liver.
The assortment of starters was fabulous. Every dish we tasted was prepared with incredible attention to detail, so our expectations for the main course rose accordingly.
For the main course, we had the entrecôte served with roasted root vegetables (NIS 133). All was delicious.
The meat was tender, melting in your mouth and easily sliced, with the side dishes providing excellent accompaniment.
A well-made hamburger is a thing of beauty. Burgers have made an appearance on many of the menus of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants, and Nana’s version (NIS 61), is a definite contender for the title of Best Burger in the City. It was juicy but not too greasy, with a great texture, nestled on a warm seeded bun, garnished with fresh tomato and lettuce. My dining companion and I were thrilled.
We ordered hot drinks and took a breather. Then came dessert. We were pleasantly surprised by the poppy seed cheesecake (NIS 42), as well as the affogato (NIS 31). Both were deliciously decadent.
In short, Nana is a really pleasant eatery with good food. It’s a little on the expensive side, but you can expect such prices at a specialty restaurant with top-quality ingredients and excellent service.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Not kosher
1 Ahad Ha’am Street Neveh Tzedek,
Tel Aviv (03) 516-1915