The most important meal of the day...

Serving breakfast 24/7, Benedict is the place for those with a hearty appetite.

Benedict restaurant 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Benedict restaurant 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
No matter when you get up, Benedict is always open for breakfast. Serving the likes of its namesake eggs Benedict, waffles and French toast, as well as eggs and steak and all kinds of omelettes, this place seems to be packed with customers around the clock. The portions are huge and suitable for the young and the hungry.
We went to the Rothschild branch called Benedict Blvd., which is designed like a Soho loft with a happy and relaxed atmosphere. It was a mid-week evening, and we were three. At that hour, the restaurant was filled with mainly families having their dinner breakfast and people from nearby offices who probably had no time for breakfast since the morning.
Benedict’s first branch on Ben- Yehuda Street opened in 2006 by three friends who got the idea in Las Vegas. It took off immediately, and they have opened more branches since.
The restaurant serves an eclectic menu, with breakfasts from different cuisines, as well as modern interpretations of traditional dishes.
We started with a bottle of bubbly served with three different syrups to create our own champagne cocktails. That was great. We were very hungry and, not aware of the size of the main dishes to come, we ordered a couple of starters: smoked salmon and toast (NIS 18) and a dish of roasted bell peppers stuffed with goat cheese (NIS 18), which was very good.
As it was evening, we selected one dish from the Grill and Eggs part of the menu – the Texas style steak & eggs, which was an entrecote, grilled just as requested to medium-rare, and topped with two perfect sunny-side up eggs served with baked potatoes. This dish alone could have filled all three of us. It was tasty and very filling (NIS 96, including a bread basket, salad and a drink).
The other dishes we ordered were from the Benedict part of the menu.
The Florentine Benedict was comprised of two poached eggs served with Hollandaise sauce over a brioche with creamed spinach (NIS 63, including salad and a drink). It was every bit as expected – a comforting, filling and satisfying dish.
The Benedict hamboker, a takeoff on an American diner breakfast constituted three mini burgers made from freshly ground meat served on baked potato rosti with poached egg, guacamole and goat cheese (NIS 72, including a bread basket, salad and a drink).
All the dishes were excellent – simple, filling, well prepared and very satisfying.
We were stuffed, so after a long and entertaining chat with our friendly host, we asked for coffee and declined an offer to sample the sweet menu, which consisted of the French toast, pancakes and the like.
As we left, we noted a line of late diners outside. Our host told us that customers keep coming all night, and there are those who prefer the midnight to 8 a.m. dish of Eggs Benedict Joe with salad and a drink for only NIS 39.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Not kosher
29 Rothschild Ave., Tel Aviv
(03) 686-8657