Those who love to pour the all-American Aunt Jemima syrup on their pancakes or wafers may be happy to know the "lite" version is now also available in Israel.

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Those who love to pour the all-American Aunt Jemima syrup on their pancakes or wafers may be happy to know the "lite" version is now also available in Israel. This contains 50 percent fewer calories than the original Aunt Jemima syrup; a bottle is NIS 15. Are you one of those people who buy the Milki dessert more for the whipped-cream topping than the chocolate-pudding base? Now Milki has come out with a limited edition of its dessert containing only the whipped cream, complete with two separate containers on top with chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. A two-pack is NIS 6.45. Summer is approaching fast and new ice creams are already arriving in time for the hot season. La Cremeria has new ice creams in individual-sized cups, calcium-enriched and containing only 3 percent fat. The new flavors are banana-pecan with chocolate syrup and pistachio-chocolate with chocolate syrup; a four-pack of La Cremeria ice cream cups is NIS 16.90. New flavors in family-size containers containing 3 percent fat are Belgian chocolate with chocolate syrup and strawberry with strawberry syrup; the price for a container is NIS 19.90. Zoglowek now has individual-sized pizza slices that you can find in the frozen food department, good for a quick snack or lunch. The three available flavors are Extra Cheese (with two types of cheese), Extra Onion and Extra Pesto with a pesto-mozzarella sauce; a slice of Extra Personal pizza is NIS 5.90. A healthier snack is a Free energy bar, now available in two new varieties: coconut (without sugar) and dates-cinnamon. You can get the Free bars in a five-pack (18 gr. each) for NIS 16. And if you want your snack to not only be healthy and tasty but organic as well, you should try the new Harduf organic energy bars with no added sugar. The available flavors are hazelnut-peanut, blueberry, apple-cinnamon and almond-raisin; a six-pack (25 gr. each) is NIS 29.90. Prigat has new concentrated syrups containing only natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial food colorings. The syrups come in 750 ml. bottles in the flavors of red grapefruit, lemon, grapes, raspberry, orange and apple, and in a diet version in the flavors of grapefruit, lemon, grapes and apple; a 750 ml. bottle of the regular syrup is NIS 9.90, and the diet syrup is NIS 15.50. Some flavors are available in a 1.5 liter bottle as well for NIS 16.50. Shlosha HaOfim has perhaps the ultimate Israeli snack: felafel balls filled with tehina. All you have to do is heat up the felafel balls in the toaster oven for five-six minutes or fry them for two minutes; a 600 gr. package (in the frozen food department) is NIS 14-15. If you like chocolate milk, you might like the rich Yotvata Shokolada, which is a little thicker than other chocolate milks. You can also heat it up (after first pouring it into a cup, of course); a three-pack of 250 ml. bottles is NIS 11.97.