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Those who like real chocolate cake might find it worthwhile to make the trip to the Max Brenner stores, where truly delicious cakes and cookies are sold now.

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chocolate cake 88
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Those who like real chocolate cake might find it worthwhile to make the trip to the Max Brenner stores (Herzliya and Tel Aviv), where truly delicious cakes and cookies are sold now. The cookie varieties are chocolate-orange, chocolate-coffee and chocolate-pecan, and they cost NIS 25 for a 170 gr. box. The two cakes sold here are chocolate-fudge and chocolate-banana; at NIS 32 a piece this is a little pricy, but definitely worth it. A cup of soup is heart-warming on a cold winter day, and Vita has a whole range of soup packages that make preparation easy. There are seven different soups that can be prepared in just five minutes: chicken-noodle, broccoli, corn, mushrooms, pea, vegetables and tomatoes. The soups do not contain hardened fats and are vitamin enriched; prices for the packages vary from NIS 7 to NIS 9. Danone has some new varieties of yogurts that will be available only during the winter months. The new flavors are coffee-hazelnut, banana-caramel-hazelnut, winter cider, plums in wine and whipped yogurt with strawberries or peach-passion fruit. Prices start at NIS 3.13 a tub. Tara has a new calcium and Vitamin D enriched milk that contains 1% fat. The Vitamin D improves the absorption of the calcium in the body, and is therefore a necessary ingredient. A one-liter carton is NIS 7. Arava Tea has come up with a new brew that supposedly helps lower and balance blood-sugar levels, and is therefore suitable for people with diabetes. The product is called Diabetea, and for maximum effect it is recommended to drink at least three cups a day. The tea contains various plant extracts that help lower blood-sugar levels. A box of 100 Diabeta tea bags is NIS 65. For those who like it hot, Domino's Pizza has a new variety - the Domino's Spicy. For the adults in my family this wasn't too hot, but my young daughters are definitely no Spice Girls and preferred regular pizza. The price for a family-sized Domino's Spicy is NIS 53.90. Adom Adom, Tnuva's fresh meat you can find in the refrigerated department of your supermarket, now has a meat package for the preparation of beef soup or cholent (stew). The package contains pieces of veal that are suitable for slow-cooking, as well as bones, and on the back you will find a recipe for beef stew. One kilo of this beef is NIS 45. For people who like to add soup almonds to all their soups - or just munch on them as snacks - Osem now has fish-shaped soup almonds, something kids will especially enjoy. A 330 gr. package of fish-shaped soup almonds is NIS 11.50. Knorr has some new spice cubes in the Tivoliyot series you can use in various dishes. The new varieties are chicken, onion and herbs (oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, and rosemary). The price for a package of 8 cubes is NIS 9.