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restaurant 88
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Bistro Anderson, which opened recently in Tel Aviv, boasts the culinary delights of Chef Eli Mizrahi. Mizrahi explained that he partnered with the charming bistro (located in the same place as former restaurant Ali Oli), because Anderson offered him the opportunity to prepare his favorite cuisine. Mizrahi's menu is full of fun, if unsophisticated foods packed with delicious flavor. Fresh, raw ingredients produce dishes like seared tomato gazpacho with guacamole salsa (NIS 28) for a good start. This savory dish can be followed by sweet potato ravioli with thyme in a sage butter sauce (NIS 48) and finished with a blueberry tort with almond cr me (NIS 28-35). Opened daily from noon to midnight and Fridays from 10 a.m. to midnight, Bistro Anderson is located on 2 Barnar Street. For more information call (03) 298-8815.