Friday brunch at the bistro

Tel Aviv's Pacific bistro restaurant delights.

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Conveniently located near the marina in Tel Aviv, Pacific bistro restaurant is offering an exciting and elegant kosher Friday brunch. Asian dishes dominate the menu at this relaxed yet sophisticated restaurant where chef Ronnen Cohen manages to make the menu interesting by using fresh and healthy ingredients. The food is cooked next to the diners in the open kitchen, where the staff can be seen stir-frying, roasting and grilling a variety of meats before arranging it on wide butcher blocks at the buffet. Rice noodles with snow peas, fried mushrooms with tofu, chicken salad, and many other vegetables salads stand as appetizers, while main courses have tangy dishes such as sofrito chicken in lemon grass, veal kebabs in cinnamon, beef and veal stew with fresh pea and parsley, cornish hen with mustard seeds, and juicy roastbeef. Side dishes include steamed wild rice in onion rings; fried egg noodles with vegetables and sesame oil, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes - all served with an array of Asian sauces. Desserts such as chocolate marquise, delicate fruit mousses, and a variety of pastries can be a rousing finale Brunch at Pacific is served on Fridays from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., and costs NIS 79 per person. Pacific. Rehov Hayarkon 145, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel Aviv. Tel: (03) 520-1169 (kosher)