Let's meat for the Fourth of July

Tel Aviv bars and restaurants are once again set to offer special deals in honor of the big 'ole US of A's 231st.

When American-Israelis remenisce about the great US Independence Day celebrations that we've left behind, two words stand out: barbeque and beer. This year, a number of Tel Aviv bars and restaurants are once again set to offer special deals in honor of the big 'ole US of A's 231st, and it is indeed all about the meat and the brews. Starting off with the classic hamburger, Meat Bar (52 Chen Blvd., (03) 695-6276) has put together a combination of three mini-burgers of freshly ground entrecote for NIS 54-62, depending upon your choice of topping: cheese, mushrooms or onion. An additional NIS 19 will buy you a draught or bottle of beer. Burgus Bar (96 Yigal Alon St., (03) 563-8822) has whipped up a few specialty burgers based on their 160-gram beef patty for just around NIS 35. Their Hawaiian Burger comes topped with a pineapple ring marinated in red chili sauce, the New Orleans Burger is covered in roasted peppers and the French Burger, apropos nothing, comes smothered with mushrooms and cream sauce. To imbibe alongside, NIS 15 will buy you two third-liter glasses of draught beer. The Ingrid Resto-Bar (9 Hamasger St., (03) 688-0022) is doing it up under the theme, "The United Steak of America," though the beef served here is 100% blue and white. Chef Uri Levi has planned an American-style grill, which is to say lightly seasoned with nothing more than salt and pepper, from various cuts of Golan Heights cattle - either an entrecote, New York strip or the classic T-Bone. Each cut is priced around NIS 150 and will be served with a side dish and a third-liter glass of beer. The Shaked restaurant (90 Hashmonaim St., (03) 561-0546) is serving up its homemade corned beef with bread, homemade pickles, spicy mustard, a selection of bottomless mezes and a glass of beer all for NIS 98. Taking leave of the pack is the Nona Caf -Bar (44 Ibn Gvirol St., (03) 696-6365) which has planned a Texas cowboy breakfast to be served for the entire 24-hour holiday. Consisting of bacon and baked eggs served with a salad, bread and potatoes with a glass of Goldstar, the package deal goes for just under NIS 60. Independence never tasted so good!