Manisha Shahane back to Israel

Manisha Shahane back to

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manisha shahane 88
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Singer-songwriter-pianist Manisha Shahane is returning to perform in Tel Aviv. Shahane, who calls her sound "bollyfolk bhajazz," will be performing with local talents Eli Magen, Amos Hadani and Erez Monk. The concert celebrates Shahane's new album, When Parallel Lines Meet, which compiles original songs and arrangements rooted in folk, jazz, and Indian traditions. Recorded in Boston and Los Angeles, the songs showcase an array of vocals and instrumentation such as oud, cello, trumpet, lapsteel guitar, sarod, bass clarinet, tabla, "gamelan-like" bells, and even the sound of children singing. According to Shahane, "Bollyfolk makes a connection between the Bollywood film songs of India and the storytelling inherent in American folk music. I'm also influenced by the tradition of improvised music in jazz and Indian classical music, plus many people have said that they are reminded of a bhajan, a type of devotional song that generally has a calming effect. One day, it occurred to me that this is Bhajazz." Shahane performs at the Shablul Jazz Club in the Tel Aviv Port on January 4 at 8:30 p.m.. Call (03) 546-1891 for details.