Classical radio fights to survive

The Arts and Culture Authority was appealing the decision to Min. Isaac Herzog, who oversees the IBA.

Petitions are circulating on the Web and opposition from music fans is being raised in light of the Science, Culture and Sports Ministry's apparent decision to cut back the Kol Hamusica classical music programming by two-thirds due to financial constraints. Reshet Aleph has reportedly agreed to divide Kol Hamusica's 18 hours of airtime with Reshet Moreshet, which in effect leaves the original daytime program with just six hours. But Israel Broadcasting Authority Chairman Moshe Gavish denied any intention of consolidating the stations' programming. The Arts and Culture Authority, headed by Yehiel Leket, was appealing the merger to Minister Isaac Herzog, who oversees the IBA. Kol Hamusica is funded through taxes, so the people deserve a say in the matter, explained Leket. "[The station's] main purpose is to provide what is missing on the other channels," Leket told The Jerusalem Post.