From Greek to Irish

A six-piece acoustic ensemble plays Greek folk mixed with Morrocan, Arabian and Western influences.

perach adom 88.298 (photo credit: )
perach adom 88.298
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A picturesque venue in the wooded Judean Hills, Yad Hashmona hosts local Greek folk experimenters Perach Adom for an afternoon concert today, as its winter ethnic concert series continues. Perach Adom was founded in 2001, when its leaders were students at Jerusalem's Rubin Academy of music. The six-piece acoustic ensemble plays mostly the Rembetiko style of Greek folk, mixed with Moroccan, Arabian and some Western influences. Almost all the band's original material was written by front man Tomer Katz, who bases his lyrics on Greek poetry and considers Rembetiko to be "the Greek blues." The band held a weekly residency at the tiny converted Nahlaot apartment-venue The Husha for about two years, but with The Husha currently closed, the group has been gigging all over Israel in more traditional halls. Perach Adom's Yad Hashmona appearance today will be followed by a Monday night show at downtown Jerusalem's Syndrome Club at 9, and a special collaboration with ethnic music superstar Yair Dallal at Beit Shmuel on February 2 called "On the Shores of the Mediterranean." Other upcoming shows in Yad Hashmona's winter concert series include Irish folk band Evergreen this Wednesday at 8:30, a love song showcase and lecture program next Friday afternoon, a Yemenite folk ensemble the following weekend, and several more events throughout February. Perach Adom is scheduled to perform at Yad Hashmona at 12:30 today. For more information, call Yad Hashmona at (02) 534-3956. For more on other upcoming Perah Adom concerts, call (054) 631-1633 or visit