Grimm roots

The premiere of Achtung Rapunzel, using the texts of Grimm fairy tales, headlines the Ensemble Meitar's concert at Jaffa's Heteiva Concert Hall.

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violin 88
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The premiere of Achtung Rapunzel for voice, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and piano, using the texts of Grimm fairy tales, headlines the Ensemble Meitar's concert this afternoon at Jaffa's Heteiva Concert Hall. Amit Dolberg, who in 2003 founded the ensemble with the goal of playing Israeli contemporary music and Jewish-themed music, explains that composer Arik Shapira sees the roots of the Holocaust in traditional German culture. His piece seeks to uncover the threads of cruelty found in a number of Grimm fairy tales. In its role as ensemble-in-residence at the Jerusalem Academy, the Ensemble Meitar has had the opportunity to work closely with composers. Ofer Pelz composed InsideOut especially for the ensemble, and was with them at its premiere last summer in Kfar Blum. The piece is in two movements, the first representing the "Inside" that the composer wants the audience to see and hear, and the second movement, "Out," being that which the composer does not want the audience to see and hear. Dolberg says the ongoing close relationship with the composer enables the piece to have a fresh interpretation at each performance. Three additional contemporary Israeli works to be played are "At the Gate of Darkness" by Ayal Adler, "If There are Really Seven Heavens" by Mark Kopytman, and "Wheels in Space" (also a premiere) by Sivan Cohen Elias. The Ensemble Meitar will be performing many more times this season, including the following week in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Today at 1 p.m., Jaffa's Heteiva Concert Hall, 5 Salame St., Jaffa, NIS 60/40. The members of the ensemble performing at this concert are Ayelet Amots Avramson, voice; Yael Barolsky, violin; Anat Engelmayer, cello; Hagar Shahal, flute; Yonatan Hadas, clarinet; Nadav Cohen, bassoon; and Amit Dolberg, piano; with guest conductor Guy Feder. For further information, call (03) 642-2403.