Timberlake likely to sing with Madonna in TA

'Queen of Pop' meets Livni for dinner at city's Stephen Brown restaurant.

madonna livni BFF 248 88 (photo credit: AP)
madonna livni BFF 248 88
(photo credit: AP)
Popular singer Justin Timberlake has arrived in Israel and is likely to perform on stage with Madonna during Tuesday and Wednesday's "Sweet & Sticky" tour concerts in Tel Aviv, informed sources told The Jerusalem Post. Awaiting Tuesday's gig, there were already over 200 people waiting outside the gates by 3 p.m., hours before the gates were set to open. "We will stand as long as we have to," said Orit, 32, from Holon. "I even brought my pillow." Meanwhile, a day before performing for tens of thousands of fans in Tel Aviv's Park Hayarkon, Madonna met opposition leader Tzipi Livni for dinner at the city's Stephen Brown restaurant. Hadas Kaplinsky, a waitress at the restaurant where the women dined Monday night, told Army Radio how excited she was when she found out she would be serving Madonna's table. "It happened to be my shift," Kaplinsky told the radio station. "They told me I have two important clients. It was very exciting to receive them, everyone watched in silence as they entered." Contrary to rumors on Madonna's diva-like behavior, Kaplinsky said the 51-year-old singer was "pleasant, polite, and full of smiles." The waitress went on to say she was too embarrassed to tell the pop star she was a devoted fan. "I was a bit embarrassed to tell her I'm a fan, the meal was held in a formal and business-like atmosphere, not really a social event," she said. Madonna ordered a full dinner with a grilled salmon steak for the main course, Kaplinsky reported. The waitress was less forthcoming about the tip the women left her. "I've served famous entertainers and politicians before and I never reveal the details of the tip they leave," she explained. The queen of pop will meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday, apparently at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. According to one account, Madonna made a personal request to meet with Livni, and when Netanyahu heard about it, he insisted on meeting with her too. Another version is that she wanted to meet with both of them from the beginning. The queen of pop arrived with her children at 1 a.m. on Sunday. She is staying in Tel Aviv ahead of her performances on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Late Sunday, she headed to Jerusalem's Old City, where she toured an ancient tunnel near the Western Wall. The 51-year-old pop star arrived in a black Mercedes van and was escorted into the tunnel by police. She made no comment to reporters and was whisked away about a half hour later. The promoters of Madonna's shows have kept her schedule under wraps to prevent paparazzi from bothering her during her Kotel visit, and a tour of the graves of Talmudic sages in Safed. She was also set to attend a Kabbalah Center event, and make other personal visits. But the meetings with the politicians were leaked to the press. Meanwhile, two famous friends of the singer arrived in Israel on Sunday - Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Both Kabbalah enthusiasts, the couple are expected to join Madonna for events at the Kabbalah Center in the days following the concerts. Channel 2 reported that Kutcher and Moore were going to dine with Madonna on Sunday night at a Tel Aviv restaurant. Another Kabbalah-related celebrity friend, Justin Timberlake, was expected to arrive in the country on Monday. Despite, or because of the intense media attention on her visit, Madonna kept to herself during the day Sunday, but her children were photographed on the patio of their room at the Tel Aviv Dan Hotel. AP contributed to this report.