Red, red wine

Recent studies show that drinking one glass of red wine every day can have a positive effect on blood pressure, and slow the aging process.

Recent studies show that drinking one glass of red wine every day can have a positive effect on blood pressure, and slow the aging process. There are many varietals of red grapes which the New World wine industry uses to make endless number of blends of wine, with three playing the main role. The most popular grape is the cabernet sauvignon, because it is the heartiest of wine grapes, it can grow in most areas, matures well, often provides a high-yield harvest and has a powerful fruity flavor. Merlot has gained a lot of popularity the past few years, mostly because a merlot grape has a very soft flavor and needs less time to age properly. The shiraz is the oldster of red wine making, but those dry style wines need to be cellared for 10 years before they are ready for consumption. When drinking a red wine, the thing to look for is balance. Red wine should have enough sugar to match the fruit and enough fruit to complement the acidity, to make your mouth pucker. And last, but not least, a red wine should leave a long aftertaste and a good impression. Here are the new offerings of the local wineries reds for Rosh Hashana. All wines are kosher unless indicated. Dalton, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003: A complex wine, delicious and easily drinkable on release due to the soft, velvety tannins. It has raspberry and cherry flavors with a distinctive note of mint. French oak adds fancy notes of vanilla, smoke and cream. It's beautifully balanced and meant to accompany strongly flavored foods. NIS 56. Recanati, Shiraz 2003: Purple in color, this harmonious wine is pretty on the nose, showing berries and violets aromas. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, it gained some vanilla and cacao notes which blend nicely with the fruity aromas. NIS 52. Recanati, Reserve, Merlot 2002: The wine starts off with earth tones that are followed up by ripe raspberry, black cherry, and spice flavors. Ruby red in color, this wine is elegant and well structured with firm tannins that will certainly require some years to smooth out. NIS 70. Recanati, Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon 2002: Rich in fruity flavors, this full-bodied wine has blackberries and black pepper aromas with notes of vanilla and chocolate that last through a long finish. As tough as it is now, it will develop easily for many years. A likeable wine, and quite affordable for how much you get. NIS 75. Ella Valley, Merlot 2003: A dark red, nearly purple, full-bodied wine with blackberries and mint aromas that easily flow across the palate. Drinks dry, round and polished. This wine is completely satisfying all the way. NIS 106. Ella Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon 2003: This excellent cabernet from Aderet vineyard has a pleasing, smooth feel and nice integration of oak and plum fruit on the palate. Well balanced and with a very long finish in which the cherry sinks into the tongue and stays there. It will develop nicely for many years. NIS 106. Saslove, Aviv Marriage 2004: A delicate blend of three varietals harvested in the Upper Galilee. The cabernet sauvignon component gives fruity aromas and strength, while the Merlot adds smoothness and long finish, and the shiraz grapes complete the harmony with pepper and spicy notes. NIS 62. (Not kosher.)