Gad dairy has a Balkan-style yogurt made from sheep milk that tastes delicious.

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greek yogurt 88
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Good news for those who drink soy milk: Alpro Soya now has a lite version of its soy milk, containing only 1.2 percent fat. It is enriched with calcium and vitamins; a liter carton is NIS 11.49. My eight-year-old was able to prepare a brownies cake all by herself with the new Osem brownies mix - and it tasted pretty good. All you need to add is oil, eggs and water; a package is NIS 13.95. Strauss Lorenzo now has pasta meals for just one person, since it discovered there was a demand for single-size meals. The available varieties are ravioli with sweet potatoes and ravioli with cheese; a 150-gr. package is NIS 8.49. Life, the brand of the SuperPharm chain, is now offering breakfast cereals at a lower price than the leading brands on the market. A 375-gr. package of Life Wellness whole wheat and rice flakes is NIS 18. Gad dairy has a Balkan-style yogurt made from sheep milk that tastes delicious. It comes in an old-fashioned style glass jar; a 180-gr. jar is NIS 6.80. Yehiam now markets deli-style sliced pastrami, salami and other meat in pre-wrapped containers, saving you the trouble of standing in line at the deli counter. The packages of the "Taste of the Deli" contain 150 gr.to 200 gr., and prices range from NIS 16.90 to NIS 17.90. A new taste in the Neviot flavored water line is lemon-lime. Neviot + is water with a touch of flavor (apple, peach and now lemon-lime) and added vitamins. A 0.5-liter bottle is NIS 5 to NIS 7, and a 1.5-liter bottle is NIS 6 to NIS 7. Bagel-Bagel has a new series of pretzels, recognizable by their green packaging. The varieties are pretzel sticks made out of whole wheat with sesame seeds, pretzels without added salt and salted pretzels made out of whole wheat. The Spork, a combination of a spoon and fork with a dented side that can even serve as a knife, is a handy item to bring on a trip or hike and will be especially liked by kids. The Spork is made of plastic and comes in a range of colors; it is sold at the Lemetayel, Rikochet and Masa'ot stores for NIS 14.